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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review

Blocky heroes assemble!

A.J. Maciejewski

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

There have been so many franchises represented in the long-running series of Lego games yet few are as enjoyable as ones featuring superheroes. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is bursting with comic book action so get ready to deliver plastic justice.

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Put away your comic books, Captain America; you have evil to fight!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2's story picks up right after the first game. This time around, Kang the Conqueror has merged locales from different lands and times to create the hodgepodge that is the city of Chronopolis. Although this sounds more cool than evil, our favourite Marvel superheroes are on a mission to put an end to Kang's dastardly plans of ruling the universe. v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

There are so many characters available to play as that it's ridiculous. You'll come across the Guardians of the Galaxy, multiple variations of Spider-Man (who have rather funny dialogue sequences between each other), and dozens upon dozens more. One of my personal favourite characters is Ms. Marvel. Not only can she grow and shrink and transform into a ball, she's incredibly enjoyable to fight enemies with and has the funniest lines in the game. I'm sure anyone can easily pick out a character that they like most considering how each one comes alive with their own distinct personality and set of abilities.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are much more capable as a team

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2's campaign is enormous and incredibly diverse. You'll find yourself within tons of unique environments where you'll solve puzzles, battle hordes of minions (as well as cool bosses), and take part in fun situations such as having to shoot down enemies while flying a plane or master enjoyable mini-games. There's so much to see and do and Chronopolis acts as a perfect open-world central hub for it all. You'll find many optional missions and collectibles there that make exploring the streets of the city worthwhile.

All of that being said, the gameplay of Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 certainly doesn't bring much new to the table. For example, some puzzles seem to have been copied and pasted from Lego Dimensions. On a broader note, the general formula of figuring out how to progress then using a certain character's ability in order to do so consumes the majority of the campaign and it regularly comes across as "been there, done that", especially if you're a long-time Lego fan. On the other hand, I found the multiplayer component to be exceptionally enjoyable because many portions are simply more fun with two players. Some parts can be rather tedious solo but once a second player joins, the gameplay starts becoming a lot more rewarding because it seems like the developers had cooperative multiplayer in mind while designing a lot of the campaign. I'm glad that they did because that's where Lego games usually shine brightest.

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Some segments act as refreshing breaks from the classic Lego formula

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 features a large campaign and diverse cast which is great but one major problem is that it's often difficult to figure out just what to do in order to progress. The recently released Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game handled this aspect very well by implementing obvious waypoints and highlighting points of interest. However, I regularly became frustrated after spending far too much time wandering around the same restricted area not knowing what to do here. There are hints that Wasp provides but they mostly have to do with the controls. There is no waypoint system used within stages and it's often hard to see highlighted objects (if there even are any at the time). Bosses can be just as tricky to take down yet they're even more irritating because hordes of minions are usually smacking you around while you try to figure out what to do. Simply put, I wish there was a more intuitive guidance system.

Speaking of unintuitive, the controls in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 can be cumbersome and confusing. For example, your current character might be able to transform, attack, perform a ranged attack, unleash a unique skill, and charge an ability. All of this is mapped to just three buttons and the actions that are performed depend on if you hold buttons down or just tap them. You'll find yourself fumbling around constantly with this control scheme seeing as each character has their own distinct array of abilities. Besides, couldn't they have used the shoulder buttons? Finally, swapping characters is very annoying. Whereas other Lego games allow you to change between a selection of characters via holding down the character change button, holding that button down here merely transforms your current character. So, you have to tap the button in the hopes that you'll swap to your desired character. Once, I needed a character that I didn't even realise was available until I found him floating around in the background. Now, that's maddening stuff!

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Who needs the fire department when you have Marvel superheroes?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is filled to the brim with superhero fun that's even more enjoyable with a friend. The frustration factor may be high but the overall rewarding and diverse campaign is sure to make any Marvel or Lego fan say "Excelsior!"

  • + Loads of characters with fun abilities and unique personalities
  • + Huge and diverse campaign
  • + Playing cooperatively is a blast
  • - Lack of guidance can be frustrating
  • - Cumbersome and unintuitive controls
  • - Doesn't bring much new to the table
7.4 out of 10
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