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Lego Worlds Review

Sandbox fun with everyone's favourite blocks

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Lego Worlds is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Lego Worlds is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

When it comes to enjoyable laidback entertainment, nothing beats a Lego video game. Worlds may be the most open-ended Lego game yet so get ready to explore a galaxy full of blocky planets inhabited by helpful chums, cute critters, and dastardly foes.

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This astronaut is elated to be king of the pirates!

Lego Worlds is played by controlling a minifigure to help the inhabitants of various themed planets. Doing so awards you with additional items and the much sought after gold bricks. These shiny collectibles level your character up thus granting you access to new gadgets and areas of the galaxy. Thankfully, Lego Worlds does a phenomenal job of slowly explaining how to use these gadgets through cleverly disguised tutorials that'll gently push you along in your quest to become a Master Builder. The most basic device is the Discovery Tool. Using it allows you to collect objects that you can then clone and place wherever you wish. The Landscape Tool can alter the planet's terrain, the Build Tool allows you to stack bricks to craft structures, the Copy Tool lets you copy complex formations and paste them, and the Paint tool is purely for splashing colour on your creations. Depending on your aptitude for creating, these tools can really get your imagination going. v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

Of course, you use these tools to help folks by solving their proposed quests. Some people may want you to build them a house while others just want a photo taken in front of a nice-looking building. You'll amass a wealth of quest items, too, that you can exchange with certain characters for even more goodies. Besides making people happy, you can also customize your character, climb almost anything, dive while searching for underwater treasure, ride plenty of different animals, and play musical instruments to watch every onscreen individual do a little jig. It all adds up to make Lego Worlds a fantastic sandbox game to enjoy at your own pace.

Lego Worlds screenshot 2
Should I eat the giant lollipop or gingerbread house first?

One of Lego Worlds' best features is its variety of themed worlds. You'll traverse areas such as pirate coves, candy-filled paradises, an old western town in the desert, a swamp, prehistoric dinosaur-filled lands, and a volcano-ridden island. Each area is inhabited by appropriate characters and animals as well as features different enemies such as bandits, skeletons, and zombies. The attention to detail makes discovering each planet a joy. Keep in mind that these planets are composed entirely of Lego blocks. Therefore, if you place a bomb and blow up a structure, you can see the detail in not only the remains of the building but in the hole in the ground, too. It's impressive stuff that makes every moment feel like you're immersed in a real-life universe built from millions of Lego bricks.

As I've already touched upon, there are tons of features to discover. Once you start to acquire a wealth of gold bricks, you'll be impressed by how much more open the gameplay becomes. Worlds begin to grow as well as your abilities which provides a satisfying yet gradual sense of progression. You'll eventually be able to take pictures, use a grapple gun, and even fly around with the help of a jetpack. These kinds of unlockables are the icing on the cake that make your efforts wholly worthwhile.

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Rock out with your block out!

As a huge departure from previous Lego games, Worlds inherently lacks puzzles and a sense of adventure. Even though fans may miss the satisfyingly intricate puzzles and crazy cutscenes of the games that they're used to, Worlds makes up for these components by granting you the freedom to create your own fun. However, one aspect that developers Traveller's Tales could have improved is the fact that quests are extremely basic. Performing simple one-note tasks gets repetitive fast. I would have loved to see more complicated endeavors which would add some welcome variety but instead almost everything you do can be accomplished almost immediately.

Finally, you can enjoy Lego Worlds cooperatively either with online or local players. This may sound great but considering there is nothing built specifically for multiple players to enjoy together, you basically go your separate ways and do your own thing. Again, previous Lego games feature many cooperative puzzles (among other multiplayer features) that make playing with a pal a more rewarding experience. Here, playing with an additional player doesn't add much to the gameplay at all.

Lego Worlds screenshot 4
The swamp turns out to be a substandard place to farm

Lego Worlds is a welcome departure for everyone's favourite brick-based series of adventures. Although it can use some fine-tuning, what's here will provide fans hours of imagination-fueled fun.

  • + Relaxing sandbox fun that you can enjoy at your own pace
  • + Delightful variety of Lego environments
  • + Rewarding progression and unlockables
  • - Puzzle-solving and a sense of adventure are unfortunately absent
  • - Quests are too simplistic
  • - Underutilized cooperative gameplay
7.7 out of 10
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