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Lucky's Tale VR Review

Finally, it's on PSVR

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 with PSVR on 🦊

Lucky's Tale VR is rated Everyone by the ESRB

It's been a long time coming but Lucky's Tale VR is now available for PlayStation VR and it's quite a wonderful 3D platformer. Enjoy! 😊

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Stop pulling silly faces, Lucky; it's time for adventure!

VR origins

Although console players already have the opportunity to play Super Lucky's Tale and its enhanced iteration New Super Lucky's Tale, the little fox actually started his adventures in Lucky's Tale VR back when it released for Oculus in 2016. Over the past 6 years, a lot has happened in the VR scene so thankfully, Lucky's Tale remains a delight to play and it feels right at home in the virtual reality realm. In fact, I'd love to see more 3D platformers in VR because the genre lends itself perfectly to the platform. Moving your head around so you can scan environments and perhaps spot some treasure while you carefully move a character around and deal with enemies is just awesome. Plus, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission remains my favourite VR game of all time so I'd definitely love to see more similar games. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Super Lucky's Tale Review New Super Lucky's Tale Review

Lighthearted fun

Before I get carried away, let's get to the game at hand. Lucky's Tale VR is a simple and lovely little 3D platformer that's intuitive to play yet it features enough challenge so you still have to put some effort in. Its story stars Lucky who's on a journey to save his piggy bank friend fittingly named Piggy from an evil monster known as Glorp. The adventure ahead will take you to many memorable environments such as colourful forests, dark caves, and even under the sea; my favourite! Each stage is absolutely beautiful in its cartoonish presentation and I frequently found myself looking around so I could see how everything works together to create an immersive world. At the same time, the animations are adorable such as how Lucky pulls silly faces when you leave him idle. How cute is that? 😜

Lucky's Tale VR screenshot 2
What did those targets ever do to you?

Intuitive gameplay

As I mentioned, Lucky's Tale VR features simple gameplay as all you do is run, jump, and perform a little attack. There are some segments where you'll have to do more such as tilt your head to aim bombs that you can chuck but it's all handled intuitively so gamers of all ages can easily enjoy the platforming action. Dealing with enemies is also a treat as you can jump on top of them, attack them, or even throw rubber balls at them if you want. However, some can be tricky such as spiked foes that shed their spikes when you approach. In fact, unexpected surprises like that can make Lucky's Tale a bit annoying at times such as when I jumped on a platform only for it to rotate and kick me off right away. How was I supposed to know that would happen? At least next time, you'll be more prepared. 😅

Intricate stages

I loved taking in each stage by regularly looking around and to my delight, there's a good reason to do so in Lucky's Tale VR because there are many alternate paths, underground side-areas, and treasures to be found. One time, a gate blocked my path which forced me to another path to unlock it but instead, I carefully jumped from a moving platform to land behind the gate. I love it when platformers allow you to play exactly as you want without pushing you in one particular direction. I also love the risk-vs.-reward scenarios where you can grab a present after a tricky stretch or simply move ahead without it. With all of that in mind, I would have liked more stages because the campaign is rather short. Also, why not reward progress with animated story cutscenes instead of merely showing text? 🤔

Extra modes

Although the campaign in Lucky's Tale VR is fairly short with only a dozen stages, there are a couple of extra modes that make replaying levels under various circumstances even more fun and challenging. For starters, there are time trial thresholds to complete within every stage and getting the gold is impressively difficult for a lot of levels as you'll have to discover shortcuts and form a solid plan. You can also find a present in each level that unlocks a bonus figurine that you can look at and on top of that, there's a mode where you try to find 25 red coins in every stage. So, even though you can complete the game easily, this extra content will surely keep you busy. 😄

Lucky's Tale VR screenshot 3
Fun fact: you can breathe underwater with a fishbowl on your head

Lucky's Tale proves that VR and 3D platforming go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, why the heck aren't there more VR 3D platformers? Either way, what you get here is an absolute treat and I even enjoyed it more than the non-VR Lucky's Tale games.

  • + Simple 3D platforming with oodles of collectibles and well-designed stages
  • + Adorable visuals with lovely animation
  • + Extra modes add solid replay incentives
  • - Campaign could use more levels
  • - Story is mostly told via text
  • - Some unexpected annoyances
8.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Lucky's Tale VR
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