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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review

A cinematic spacefaring journey

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🦝

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is rated Teen by the ESRB

The Guardians of the Galaxy are at it again and this time, they're in for one explosive adventure so let's see what Star-Lord is up to.

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Don't look down, Star-Lord!

When I first started playing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, I was blown away by its cinematic presentation that seamlessly weaves its gameplay into the story as well as conversations into the gameplay. This is by far the most impressive part of this latest epic interactive adventure from Marvel as everything from the detailed environments to the voice acting and the animation to the action sequences are great fun to take in. There's some solid writing, too, with dialogue that fleshes out the cast of characters and of course, typical jokes that you can see coming from a mile away. It's the sort of game that's as fun to play as it is to watch, especially considering how many dire situations the ragtag group of Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer get into along the way. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

At this point, I know you may be wondering; but how does Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy play? In a nutshell, it's intuitive and simple. The campaign essentially has you alternate between story sequences where you make decisions and master quick time events, areas where you explore and solve light puzzles before progressing, and combat. There's a decent blend of these elements although you have to prepare yourself for long stretches of nothing but dialogue scenes because this is a very story-heavy game after all.

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The Dweller-in-Darkness ain't so bad once you figure its trick out

Keep in mind; you only ever play as Star-Lord yet the gameplay also involves commanding your team in both combat and exploration. Specifically for the latter, Gamora can stick her sword in certain walls to give you a jump-boost, Groot can build bridges with branches, Rocket Raccoon can crawl through small tunnels and activate things, and Drax the Destroyer can lift super-heavy objects and place them wherever you wish. These moments offer some light puzzle-solving and for the most part, you'll merely go through the motions but there will be points where you'll get stuck as you might miss a simple thing that prevents you from progressing which can be irritating.

On the combat side of the equation, you'll basically shoot and beat up enemies as Star-Lord then issue commands to your party to give you a leg-up. Even though you would assume that some strategy is involved with this, you can simply command folks to do whatever and it'll likely do the trick. There are some scenarios such as during boss fights when you have to do something specific but aside from that, there isn't any substantial skill or strategy required to battle enemies. To help elevate things, you get elemental ammo that's useful in certain scenarios and there are upgrades that will offer you some cool additional abilities as well as handy passive traits, too.

I want to go back to the fact that you only ever control Star-Lord which makes Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy kind of hollow, especially when you sit back and watch Gamora stylishly flip around and slice things up like a badass. To make matters more limiting, the entire campaign is incredibly linear and once you're done, you'll have very little desire to play through it again unless you're a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan. There are collectibles to discover via short offshoots from the main path but these rarely feel worthwhile and besides that, you're simply pushed along in your adventure with only restricted options for growth, narrative change, and exploration.

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What adventures await the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy leaves an outstanding first impression but after playing it for a handful of hours, you'll realise that it doesn't really offer enough exciting gameplay to last its entire campaign. It's still a wonderful game to watch, though.

  • + Excellent cinematic qualities such as writing, acting, story, and setting
  • + Simple and intuitive gameplay
  • + Upgrades are kind of cool
  • - Gameplay is very basic and doesn't require much strategy or discernible skill
  • - Super-linear campaign with only a single character to play as feels limiting
7.3 out of 10
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