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Marvel's Iron Man VR Review

Become Tony Stark

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 with PSVR on

Marvel's Iron Man VR is rated Teen by the ESRB

Everyone wants to be a superhero and now, you can kind of see what that's like in a swanky brand new Iron Man virtual reality game.

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Practice makes perfect!

I'm not one for comic books or movies based on them but I do love video games based on classic superheroes. Marvel's Iron Man VR is the first virtual reality game that I've ever played which fits that description and let me tell you; it's fantastic! It's essentially a story-based campaign that's divided into a dozen chapters and as you progress, you'll experience plenty of story sequences, action-packed missions, and more laidback moments. Obviously, the gameplay shines brightest during the missions which will have you flying around while battling all sorts of drones. Sometimes, you'll have to juggle other tasks such as disarming bombs, fending off enemies from specific points, and blowing up large contraptions. It can get rather overwhelming at times yet the gameplay remains superbly exciting and challenging. v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

Marvel's Iron Man VR is controlled with a couple of PlayStation Move controllers where the triggers activate your palm thrusters and the Move buttons deploy various ranged weaponry. Flying is accomplished by aiming your palms away from where you want to propel yourself and you can perform boosts by tapping the buttons twice; soaring through the stages at lightning speed can be quite exhilarating. Meanwhile, firing with your palms up shoots standard Repulsor shots while pointing your palms down allows you to fire interchangeable Auxiliary weapons. You can also punch which can be effective in certain situations, ground pound from above, and charge a Unibeam attack which can clear out loads of foes if you use it wisely. All of this is handled intuitively and the variety of moves is incredible.

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Can't wait until Living Laser sees the power of my Unibeam

I want to mention that most of the missions in Marvel's Iron Man VR are very well-crafted but some of them can be quite cumbersome at times which will likely cause a feeling of frustration whenever you fail. Specifically, once a situation has you dealing with multiple enemies that require specific strategies to take down, juggling them can be exceptionally challenging. This is especially true when you're tasked with defending something because that will likely blow up before you do. By the way, I played on medium difficulty.

Between the missions, you'll observe plenty of dialogue scenes and the voice acting is very well done as every character offers plenty of personality to the game world. Speaking of which, the detailed visuals are awesome. I appreciated the environments more than the character models but it all looks great. Also, the epic orchestral score is fitting for a superhero game as it elevates the onscreen moments to new heights be they action-oriented, heartfelt, or silly. With all of that being said, I found there to be too many dialogue sequences and considering you can't skip them, I got impatient at times. Plus, the training within the beginning half of the campaign can get tedious fast. If I wanted to fly through rings this much, I'd play Superman 64. Oh, and the loading times; don't get me started...

Finally, the amount of replay value in Marvel's Iron Man VR is great. Not only can you re-play each mission to earn more stars, you can actually use those stars to unlock parts for your suit which grants you access to additional Auxiliary weapons as well as boosts that may help you get the upper-hand in your next mission. There are also lots of courses that you can fly through as you try to master them in as little time as possible although that's not really my cup of tea and there are even combat challenges, too. Sometimes, it's just fun to chill at Tony's crib while you play an arcade basketball game and try to catch grapes in your mouth. That can be fun, right?

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We got Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, and 2 kinds of Sunny D

Marvel's Iron Man VR provides some of the most enjoyable action-packed missions ever available in a virtual reality game. You may have to lollygag around for a while before being able to actually play these missions but they're definitely worth the wait.

  • + Action-packed and impressively intuitive blend of flying and combat
  • + Great visuals, music, and voice acting
  • + Solid replay value and variety of moves
  • - Campaign has too much filler between its more exciting moments
  • - Loading screens take too long
  • - Some situations are needlessly frustrating
8.2 out of 10
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