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Marvel's Spider-Man: Turf Wars Review

Hammerhead far from nails it

A.J. Maciejewski

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Turf Wars is rated Teen by the ESRB

The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack debuted a month ago with The Heist and now we have the second chapter so let's swing to it.

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Looks like Yuri isn't going to stand for Hammerhead's shenanigans much longer...

Just under a month ago, I played through and reviewed The Heist DLC pack for Marvel's Spider-Man and I was rather impressed with it. I found the story to be engaging, the new content was certainly fresh and exciting, and the campaign itself was varied and fun albeit a bit on the short side. Unfortunately, Turf Wars doesn't really offer anything substantially different. In fact, I would go so far to say that it's a step in the wrong direction. For starters, the story is typical and I didn't find Hammerhead to be an interesting villain in the slightest. Sure, he's menacing but the plot just chugs along without any intriguing twists or surprises. On the plus side, Yuri plays quite a large role in the story scenes and it's awesome watching her become increasingly enraged throughout only for her to end up kicking a lot of ass. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Screwball challenges are back in this expansion pack but they're not like the ones in The Heist. Instead of trying to work your way through checkpoint courses as quickly and stylishly as you can, you're basically tasked with stealthily taking out a dozen or so enemies within a set environment. This may sound cool but I don't find that the core gameplay of Marvel's Spider-Man lends itself well to stealth. It is fun picking off enemies one by one and it does offer some variety but the mechanics are very sensitive and Spider-Man can move quickly and erratically thus causing him to be spotted easily which results in failing the mission. It can get super-annoying.

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Sorry, Screwball; season one was better

One segment in Turf Wars that's much better than in The Heist is the part where you control a Spider-Bot. The Heist had you defusing bombs which was kind of irritating but in Turf Wars, you control it to listen in on conversations between Hammerhead's henchmen. I found this to be especially well done as you have to carefully move the Spider-Bot to not be seen by anyone while skittering through a crowded bar. Also, finding objects to hide underneath as well as holes in the walls and ramps makes it feel puzzle-like.

All of that being said, I swear the campaign in Turf Wars is much shorter than the one in The Heist. If not, it at least felt that way which is likely due to the fact that it's extremely unvaried. The majority of the couple of hours that you'll spend in Turf Wars is composed of all-out brawls which I guess makes sense due to its name but it's still incredibly repetitive. It's even tedious when you're chasing vehicles. When you contrast this with the exciting chase scenes in The Heist, it's hard not to be disappointed.

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Using a Spider-Bot to spy on folks is surprisingly fun

Turf Wars is a substantial step down from The Heist as its unvaried and brief campaign along with its stereotypical story make it an easily forgettable piece of content. That being said, there are some redeeming qualities but they are too few and far between.

  • + Seeing Yuri kick ass is awesome
  • + Screwball challenges add variety
  • + The stealth Spider-Bot infiltration portion is actually quite enjoyable
  • - Story is mostly uninteresting
  • - Screwball challenges are super-annoying
  • - Campaign is short and unvaried
5.5 out of 10
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