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Mini Motorways Review

Become a pro city planner

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🛣️

Mini Motorways is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Puzzle games are a great way to exercise your brain and I have an excellent one for you today so here's the innovative Mini Motorways.

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Mini Motorways screenshot 1
Well, this is starting out simply enough

What is Mini Motorways?

Mini Motorways presents a combination of puzzle, management, and arcade-style gameplay where you construct roads as buildings randomly pop up onscreen. Each stage represents a real-world city and at the start of every level, you simply must connect a house to a building. Is it a mall or an office building? I'm not sure but the point remains the same as you must connect the same colour of house with its matching destination. Anyway, as the level progresses, the camera zooms out super-slowly as more and more buildings of varying colour pop up and you lose after any destination building doesn't receive its quota of vehicles before a timer runs out. Although this sounds simple and it is intuitive to play, there is a lot of strategy required and things get complicated fast so it's a ton of fun to master. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

Mini Motorways screenshot 2
I don't think I did a very good job with this city...


If there's one word that I would use to describe how to master Mini Motorways, it's efficiency. When I first started playing it, I would structure the motorways like a grid because I live in North America and that's just how cities are laid out here. However, as I experimented and became better at the core gameplay, I realised that planning roads at an angle is often necessary for vehicles to reach their destination as quickly as possible. As you play, you'll come up with your own strategies so it's the sort of puzzler that keeps on giving the more you play. Plus, the additional mechanics such as roundabouts that help deal with traffic congestion and highways that speed vehicles up and can be built above the city add layers to the already involving gameplay formula which is excellent. 😄


There are oodles of cities to master in Mini Motorways and each one has its own distinct colour palette and gameplay attributes. For example, one may have rivers that you need to build bridges over while another may place houses far away from their destinations. As you play these cities over and over again, you'll begin to formulate stage-specific strategies which adds a ton of replay value. Considering there are 14 cities to challenge, there's virtually endless replayability. Also, the fact that each one is wonderfully presented with a minimal yet colourful aesthetic (kind of like your favourite gaming website) makes them a treat to watch as they expand with your help.


Besides merely playing through Mini Motorways' cities, you can also unlock and complete a few challenges for each one as well as partake in daily and weekly challenges. Talk about value; as if the cities and leaderboards weren't enough on their own! With that in mind, I found beginning a new attempt to often be kind of boring for a bit too long as it takes at least a few minutes to start getting even mildly interesting. There is a fast-forward function but it's simply not fast enough. The only other annoyance is when a building pops up and you have no feasible way to deal with it then you proceed to get a game over shortly after. This is especially irritating when you run out of road tiles. I mean; you could pause time, remove roads elsewhere, and assemble a Band-Aid solution but that's a bit much. 🥴

Mini Motorways screenshot 3
Of course I did; look how far apart everything is!

Mini Motorways is the kind of deceptively simple puzzler that you'll somewhat dig at first but as you formulate new strategies and practice levels over and over again, you'll absolutely fall in love with what it has to offer, especially if you enjoy a good challenge.

  • + Deceptively simple puzzle gameplay that requires a lot of strategy to master
  • + Lovely colourful presentation
  • + Loads of challenges and stages
  • - Levels often take a bit too long to start getting interesting
  • - Surprise pop-ups can occasionally cause an inevitable game over
8.3 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Mini Motorways
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