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Mixolumia Review

A puzzler that'll mess with your head

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 💠

Mixolumia is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Lumines is perhaps my favourite puzzle game of all time so let's try out a very similar indie with its own literal tilt on the formula.

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Get ready to have tiles burned into your retinas

What is Mixolumia?

Mixolumia has you drop pieces of 4 tiles that are arranged as a diamond in order to form a square or row of 3 with the same colour which will make those tiles disappear. There are 4 colours in total and considering the playfield is tilted 45° from what genre fans are used to, it can be a challenging game to master. The 4-tile blocks and forming squares is definitely similar to Lumines although the fact that there are more colours to deal with here as well as the tilted gameplay certainly make Mixolumia stand out as unique. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Disorienting fun

As I played Mixolumia, I found its gameplay to be rather disorienting but in the best possible sense of that word. Dropping blocks straight down in order to match tiles at 45° angles really messed with my head, especially considering tiles will slide into place via gravity which is similar to cascade mode in Tetris albeit more lenient because blocks don't stick together at all here. Needless to say, sliding tiles into just the right place to create combos, increase your score substantially, and clear large chunks of the playfield is incredibly satisfying stuff even if it is very difficult to plan. It all comes together to make for high score-chasing puzzle fun that genre fans will relish. 😊

Mixolumia screenshot 2
Consider Marathon mode beat but can I do it faster next time?

Sights and sounds

Mixolumia is filled with colourful neon graphics and rewarding visual effects whenever you perform well. It's also one of those puzzlers that once you put it down, all you'll be able to see is its tiles falling into place whenever you close your eyes. On top of that, there's a superb collection of tunes that complement the gameplay very well. With that in mind, there aren't many tracks currently and I wish that the gameplay tied into the music somehow such as how the needle moves in Lumines to the beat before clearing your matched tiles.

Video Chums palette

If you want a palette for Mixolumia that's based on our website colours then enter these codes in the Color Editor:

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  • 5=0055aa


As you play Mixolumia, you'll unlock a variety of modes and features. The 5 core modes consist of Marathon where you're tasked with clearing 450 blocks, Endless, the 2 minute time trial Rush, Intense which adds challenge, and Relaxed where you can practice your strategies pressure-free. There are also loads of colour palettes to choose from and you can even create your own. Oh, and if you have a Flip Grip (which I finally do) then you can rotate the screen 90° which is awesome. You can also view your high scores and stats. 🤓

Where's the beef?

Although all of these inclusions are great, Mixolumia has a lot of features missing that I would expect in a game like this. For starters, there is no multiplayer component at all which is a bummer as I would have liked to challenge my gaming chum. Multiplayer mode could merely consist of each player having their own playfield where making combos makes pieces pile up on your opponent's field; I'd be very happy with that. Anyway, even though there are stats, there aren't any leaderboards. Also, they could have added the Steam achievements in a menu here but there are none to earn in this Switch version. I hope these things get added in an update at some point. Please? 😳

Mixolumia screenshot 3
I don't think this run is going to last much longer...

Mixolumia is a top-notch puzzler that will keep you trying to outdo your previous best. It may not be as fully-featured as some other puzzle games but you'll still find it difficult to put this sucker down once you get going.

  • + Excellent core gameplay that makes chasing high scores a rewarding experience
  • + Great neon visuals and catchy music
  • + Includes a nifty colour editor
  • - I wish the gameplay featured more mechanics
  • - Could use some sort of multiplayer mode
  • - Lacks online rankings and achievements
7.9 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Mixolumia
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