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Moonlighter: Between Dimensions Review

Delve into a new DLC dungeon

Alex Legard

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions is the largest expansion for Moonlighter yet as well as the first paid DLC so let's see if it delivers a fun gameplay experience. Warning: slight spoilers for the end of Moonlighter are ahead.

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Between Dimensions offers a new dungeon with new enemies, too

The Wanderer Dungeon

To access Moonlighter's new dungeon, you need to complete the base game by beating the boss behind the fifth door then suddenly, a new dungeon will appear in front of the fifth door that you opened 6 months prior. The ICT (interdimensional police officers) return to Rynoka and tell the townsfolk that the new dungeon exists in a place between the dimensions that you explored in the first 4 dungeons. It's as simple as that. Anyway, you'll want to reach the bottom of the Wanderer Dungeon (that's what it's called) and defeat the boss who resides there. What did the ICT want you to do again? Who cares? v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

The whole dungeon has a slimy green aesthetic which I found to be very cool. It has a very chill dungeon soundtrack, too, but as soon as you reach floor 5, the environment and soundtrack changes and enemies become considerably more powerful. There are 10 floors in total with 6 new bosses including 5 mini-bosses; every second floor featuring a boss at the end. You can also construct elevators to floors 2, 4, 6, and 8 by using some gold and slime chunks that you collect throughout the dungeon and there are also some interesting temporary weapons that you can obtain. However, I didn't have any use for them because they're not any more powerful than your regular weapon once it's decently upgraded. Anyway, you need to explore this dungeon while you slowly become more and more powerful and each time you visit, the layout and enemies are different but you'd know that if you already played Moonlighter. Overall, I'd say that it will take you about 75% as long as the base game to complete the Wanderer Dungeon.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions screenshot 2
Just who is this Wanderer guy anyway?

New weapons, armor, and upgrades

The new weapons and armor are massively more powerful than anything you have access to before the Wanderer Dungeon so you'll have to make them if you want to survive. Of course, you'll have to use new materials and there are 5 new weapon sets which is the same as the base game: sword and shields, big swords, gloves, spears, and bows. There's also a new armor set that you can customise via enchantment and all of the new weapons and armor are upgraded with 5 tiers. Now, you can equip rings that you find throughout your travels which have interesting effects like summoning followers or making lava pools. There are new trick weapons, too, that you can obtain by other means. I chose not to use them, though, because my regular weapons were already powerful enough. Finally, there are 4 new healing potions, of course. On top of all this, you will also be able to create a new emporium to sell your merchandise in style and there's a new haggling NPC who you can trade with for... interdimensional crafting materials.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions screenshot 3
The new shop has some interesting newfangled technology

Dungeon improvements

By dungeon improvements, I'm referring to changes to the original 4 dungeons: Golem, Forest, Desert, and Tech. Now, you can traverse part of the Wanderer Dungeon for a reward but, of course, the enemies are scaled to your level. Also, there's a new boss at the end of the first and second level of each dungeon. Overall, that makes things a little harder.

New pets

Now, there are pets that you can find and they help you in combat. Actually, pets were introduced on February 13 for the Steam version but they're new to me as I played Moonlighter back when it initially released.

New Game+

I haven't tried New Game+ yet but you can replay the game with your existing weapons although it's substantially more difficult. It came out October 11 last year in case you didn't know and that's all I really know about it.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions screenshot 4
This is just 1 of 5 dangerous new mini-bosses


My opinion on Moonlighter has changed a little since I first played it over 2 years ago. In my original review, I said that it's an awesome dungeon crawler with fantastic bosses and that the shop keeping was a fun side-activity. The dungeon crawling is still pretty good and the bosses are still awesome and now, there are even more bosses than when I first played it. It also maintains the awesome music and pixel graphics. Other than that, it's kind of a generic dungeon crawler with endless repetitive battle rooms. I want to like all of the different weapons but I find that there's little reason to use spears or gloves because of their short range and lack of defense. I also don't like shop keeping all that much as finding the right price is supposed to be the interesting part but in reality, it involves too much navigating through menus to find out if the price is too high or too low.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions offers solid value. The Wanderer Dungeon took me 10 to 15 hours and Moonlighter is still a pretty good dungeon crawler that I appreciate for its graphics, music, and bosses. However, be wary of its more repetitive aspects.

  • + Awesome soundtrack and graphics
  • + Intense new bosses and mini-bosses
  • + Now has much more content than it did when it first released a couple of years back
  • - Many repetitive battle rooms
  • - Shop keeping is underwhelming
  • - Some weak new weapons
7.4 out of 10
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Watch Alex play Moonlighter: Between Dimensions
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