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Moss: Book II Review

A wonderful PSVR sequel

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 with PSVR on 🐭

Moss: Book II is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Moss is back for another mousy adventure and Book II is a much more fully-featured journey so sharpen your blade and let's get to it.

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Don't look down, Quill!


Moss: Book II continues right after the first game where Quill is desperately trying to hang on to the valuable Glass so evildoers can't use it to destroy the world. Meanwhile, she treks forward in the hopes of freeing the land from Arcane rule so that evil can no longer threaten existence. It's a simple story that's easy to follow and along the way, you'll meet a few friendly faces such as the agile Sahima who you can control for a stretch of the campaign. Whereas Quill has her trusty blade, Sahima can throw boomerang-like Chakram projectiles which makes her incredibly tough in combat scenarios. Overall, it's a well-rounded story that's easy to get immersed in. v1d30chumz 18-208-132-74


Speaking of immersion, Moss: Book II is bursting with gorgeous environments from lush forests to wintery mountainsides and dark depths to cluttered castle halls. Each location is stunning in VR and I regularly enjoyed moving my head around in order to take in all of the intricacies as I explored. At the same time, the animations are downright beautiful as watching Quill scamper up a ledge and Sahima leap around like a ninja is quite the sight. Considering they're such small characters, the animation does an excellent job of bringing them to life. Heck, even the robotic insect-like enemies are animated well enough to make them feel threatening even though they're easy.

Moss: Book II screenshot 2
It's a good thing Sahima packed a coat


Now that I brought up enemies, I must admit that I was hoping Moss: Book II would be more challenging than the first game but it unfortunately isn't. Combat is basically accomplished the same way as you can hack and slash at enemies while mind-controlling them. I mean, there are some nifty things you can do such as dash into foes, make enemies target each other, and lure adversaries into bombs but it's all so easy that it feels inconsequential. Even the boss fights are super-simple. In fact, the only time I ever perished was from accidentally falling off ledges. I hope that if there's another Moss game, it packs more of a punch when it comes to combat. 👊


On the plus side, the puzzles in Moss: Book II are excellent and rewarding, especially when you enter a room that's jam-packed with elaborate puzzles then proceed to slowly work it all out while uncovering some treasures along the way. As you progress, you'll acquire abilities that you can use in the puzzles such as a skill that lets you grow vegetation and the ability to sword dash. Utilizing such moves in order to reach tricky platforms and unlock the path ahead is satisfying for sure but there are some control issues such as trying to aim the sword dash as you'll sometimes overshoot platforms or be slightly off which can make you have to start a segment all over again.


Although there were parts where I occasionally got stuck due to some easy to overlook point of interest or unintuitive sense of direction, exploring the environments is still a joy because there are a lot of collectibles hidden around. The most plentiful type is Relic Dust which can be found by breaking jars and things and there are also lots of Forgotten Fragments dotted around which allow you to complete stained glass windows. On top of that, you can discover Relic Shrines which contain armours that change Quill's appearance and that's rather cute if you ask me. Plus, the fact that the campaign is longer than the first game means that there's a lot of value packed in.

Moss: Book II screenshot 3
This place is kind of creepy...

Moss: Book II does an excellent job of building on the established formula of the first game while offering a much more diverse game world and a pitch-perfect blend of puzzles, platforming, and combat. However, it's still somewhat short and unsatisfyingly unchallenging.

  • + Tight gameplay makes platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat a treat
  • + Gorgeous animations and environments
  • + Enjoyable collectibles and abilities
  • - Combat lacks a sense of challenge
  • - Some minor annoying control issues
  • - Has the occasional perplexing segment
8.0 out of 10
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