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Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Review

Not rPhone compatible

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is also available for PS4

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is rated Teen by the ESRB

It's been a short while but the delightful meta-RPG series is back with the action-packed Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters and it's great.

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I feel the same way, Maho

Welcome back, Nepgear

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is a wonderful return for the niche RPG series but it isn't quite what I expected. You see; some games in the franchise feature hack and slash combat while the mainline entries boast strategic arena-like battles where characters take turns while unleashing abilities that have an area of effect. Where this newfangled entry differs is that it combines these 2 approaches which I didn't actually understand at first but after it got its hooks in me, I had a wonderful time. I'll discuss more about the battle system later but I just wanted to give you a general overview as this aspect of the game encapsulates what it has to offer as a whole: essentially, it's a culmination of all things Neptunia yet with a fresh spin on the formula when it comes to both story and gameplay. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

I got all my sisters with me

I'm happy to say that Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters brings over the classic sense of humour where things become so meta that it's sometimes hard to wrap your head around it all. At the core of the story is a struggle between the 4 Goddesses and a new adversary: the rPhone. People have become dependent on these little devices to the point where they're downright addicted and you even see some classic Neptunia characters getting caught up in the hype which I found hilarious yet oddly tragic. 🤭

Speaking of which, there are so many characters here that it's just awesome complete with plenty of familiar faces as well as new chums and antagonists. A few of my favourites are Shanghai Alice of Touhou fame, IF who starred in the wonderful Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls, and Rom and Ram who are always fun to watch play off each other. The dialogue features English voice acting which I personally appreciate, especially because it's exceptionally well-done here with each character's personality standing out perfectly although you can switch to Japanese if you prefer. Overall, the familiar yet fresh world and cast are a treat. 🍬

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What's that adorable squid thing doing in this dark cave?

Fight quirky critters

As promised, let's explore combat. What makes it fresh is that it takes place in the familiar circular arenas yet instead of methodically moving your characters around, you control them directly as you hack and slash, fire long-range weapons, and unleash character-specific abilities. I didn't quite get it at first but after playing for a while, I realised that these battles can be quite fast-paced if you constantly juggle characters to create chains while deploying tactical skills or using items once the meter is full and occasionally triggering a goddess transformation which makes you temporarily more powerful and allows you to perform an EXE Drive which can devastate enemy forces. The constant juggling of characters and ability deployments is incredibly satisfying, especially whenever you topple a tricky boss. 😄

Explore lovely lands

It goes without saying but Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is a beautiful game complete with its colourful and cheerful palettes to its adorable character models and distinct environments. Each dungeon is impressively massive and will take you an exceptionally long time to complete as well as collect every treasure and explore every nook and cranny. With that being said, there are a couple of major disappointments with them. First, there are multiple locales within each dungeon that have been copied and pasted from previous segments which makes these parts tedious. Next, there are loads of quests to complete and having to backtrack in order to do so can be very boring because at that point, you'll be over-levelled which makes battles more of a nuisance than fun. 🥱

Disc-based media is still alive

Finally, there is a substantial amount of supplementary content in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters with one of the most enjoyable features being disc creation. After selecting a genre, scout character, and support item; the scout will get to work on developing a new video game. It's not only fun to see the result but it can also be equipped in order to provide additional passive abilities which will help you in battle. Some of my favourite generated titles are Hotter Man VS WARS, Straight The Drifter, Dead Detective, and Jean Opinion. Would you play those games? Anyway, there's other stuff, too, like the ability to customize combos and use a social media app called Chirper to manage quests. In other words, there's a lot to do and these extras can be just as fun as forging ahead with the campaign. 💿

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Uni blasts a lizardman back to his swamp

Although the shift to a more action-oriented combat system initially made me hesitant, I ended up loving every second of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters once it all clicked. Plus, the meta-humour and lovely cast of characters are more delightful than ever.

  • + Beautiful visuals with bubbly characters, great humour, and excellent English voice acting
  • + Super-fun action-based battles
  • + Plenty of rewarding supplementary content
  • - Dungeons can get repetitive due to sections that are clearly copied and pasted
  • - Backtracking for quests is an often tedious affair due to being over-levelled
8.1 out of 10
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