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NeuroVoider Review

Enter the Void and bring a friend

Tyler Hall

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

NeuroVoider is also available for PS Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

NeuroVoider is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

NeuroVoider blends a few different genres to form an interesting twin-stick shooter experience. Death is permanent and levels are randomly generated between a handful of different environments so it definitely has the roguelike thing going on.

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Feeling invincible... for a few seconds

Before getting started, you'll need to pick your starting class and specialized skills. There are three different classes to choose between (Dash, Rampage, and Fortress) which basically amount to a speedy class, an offensive class, and a defensive class. You also pick one of 27 different skill options at the beginning, something that feels a bit intimidating when you're first getting started. After testing out a few of the different skills, I mostly stuck with healing skills to help keep my HP intact. There's a massive amount of loot, too, allowing you to customize your weapon loadouts and upgrade your armor between each level. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

NeuroVoider controls like a traditional twin-stick shooter. Move around with the left stick, aim at enemies with the right stick, fire using either of your equipped guns with R2 or L2, execute your special skill with L1, and use your class-exclusive skill with R1.

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Liquid type guns leave a trail of fire in their wake

The variety of available weapons is one of the best things about NeuroVoider. Enemies regularly drop armor and weapon loot that you can equip and upgrade between levels. The weapons are especially interesting as there are quite a few varieties to test out. Beam weapons cause a lot of damage within a short range, bullet weapons can spread across the whole screen, and grenade and rocket launcher weapons can quickly dispatch a group of enemies. I had a good time testing out the different weapon types and the greatest satisfaction in NeuroVoider comes from discovering a new great weapon drop.

Each of NeuroVoider's 16 main levels is filled with enemies from small peon-bots all the way to powerful super-elites. Almost all enemies will attack you with guns of their own so you'll constantly be on the move, strafing backwards while taking down the hordes. Along with the 16 traditional levels, there are 4 boss fights. These battles can turn hectic quickly as enemies spawn alongside the hulking bosses.

The core gameplay is enjoyable at first but it starts to feel shallow upon repeated playthroughs. Every level objective is exactly the same (destroy X number of reactors) and the different level environments are almost entirely aesthetic, doing nothing to change up the gameplay in any meaningful way. Enemy variety is equally as pedestrian both in their design and abilities. The only exception to this are the Metaverse levels which change things up slightly by requiring time limits or stacking a level with only super-elite enemies.

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Double the firepower, double the fun!

NeuroVoider shines much brighter in multiplayer. The gameplay stays the same but the difficulty doesn't seem to scale as much and you can now blast through the enemy forces two, three, or four times as fast. The action gets a lot crazier and it can be hard to keep track of things at all times but the simplistic gameplay means you'll have a lot more fun if you play it with some pals. Unfortunately, those pals better be offline ones because NeuroVoider lacks online play.

  • + Weapon variety gives you a lot of customization options
  • + Satisfying looting
  • + Fun with friends
  • - Not as much fun by yourself
  • - Dismal enemy and level variety
  • - Lacks online multiplayer
6.8 out of 10
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