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NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition Review

3C3C1D119440927 included

A.J. Maciejewski

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NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition is rated Mature by the ESRB

One of the most memorable games ever created is now available for Xbox One in a brand new edition. That's right; console gamers who never had the chance to play it earlier can finally enjoy NieR: Automata in all its gloriously stylish action.

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Watching those robots wave their white flags always makes me sad

I already played through and reviewed NieR: Automata last year after being a huge fan of the original NieR on PlayStation 3. I absolutely loved my time with the game and it remains one of the most memorable experiences that I've ever played. As always with these new editions of games, I don't want to repeat myself so if you'd like to read more about the core game then please head over to my original NieR: Automata review before reading further. This Become as Gods Edition is basically the exact same game as the PlayStation 4 version except it includes the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. If you own an Xbox One X then it is enhanced but according to those who have played it on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, there is very little difference. The only notable improvement is that open areas have a better frame rate on Xbox One X. Therefore, if you already own the PS4 version then this probably isn't worth getting as well. v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

One thing I'd like to emphasize in this review that I don't feel like I did enough in my first review is just how memorable of an experience NieR: Automata is. In other words, although I don't think NieR: Automata has perfect gameplay, it's pretty close to perfect as an interactive narrative. The stylish graphics and music are awe-inspiring in their uniqueness and it all adds up to one impressive game to either play or simply watch. The minimalist visuals and music complete with a made-up language from vocalist Emi Evans are otherworldly and after you watch the end credits roll, you'll want to jump right back in to uncover more of the complex plot.

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Now, that's one Amusement Park that I'd like to visit!

NieR: Automata's gameplay is full of intense action sequences and rewarding exploration. The action primarily consists of engaging combat that'll have you commanding 2B to hack and slash as well as use her pod to shoot faraway foes. Dodging enemy attacks while watching their life meters deplete is super-satisfying and the fact that the gameplay shifts from 2D to 3D is phenomenal, especially when you find yourself in a shoot 'em up or twin-stick shooting segment. My only complaints gameplay-wise are with the exploration component. Even though it is rewarding at times, trying to navigate through the unconventional world can be downright frustrating. As I played through again over the past week, there were plenty of moments where I had no idea how to get to my destination and I even got stuck in some underground bunker once and had to load my save to get out. It's weird because the world isn't particularly large.

What does 3C3C1D119440927 mean?

The first part "3C3C" refers to the fact that the DLC pack contains 3 Costumes and 3 Colosseums while "1D" means 1 Dream. The last bit "119440927" is a date that can be found at the beginning of amazarashi's Deserving of Life music video in the text "Last-Backup: 09/27/11944". I'm not sure what 1 Dream or Last-Backup means so please leave a comment below if you know.

3C3C1D119440927 DLC

NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition includes the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. Basically, it contains three battle challenges that are scattered across the map and in order to access them, you need to get an email in your inbox that invites you to partake in them. I got the email a few hours into my first playthrough but I'm not exactly sure what triggers it. Anyway, the arena battles can get exceptionally challenging so ensure that you're levelled up enough before taking them on. Once you claim victory, you get a Revealing Outfit for 2B which resembles Kaine from the original NieR as well as a Young Man's Outfit for 9S and the Destroyer's Outfit for A2 which both resemble NieR himself in a couple of his incarnations. If you're skilled enough, you can even challenge Yosuke Matsuda and Kenichi Sato (the CEOs of Square Enix and PlatinumGames, respectively) as bosses. Overall, it's fun stuff that helps extend the gameplay.

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Why don't you put a shirt on before we talk?

If you still haven't played NieR: Automata then this Become as Gods Edition is a great excuse to finally get your hands on Yoko Taro's latest stylish action-packed tale.

  • + Same incredible game with its intense action and a mind-blowing story
  • + Stylish visuals and top-notch soundtrack
  • + Contains the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC
  • - Not worth getting if you already own the PlayStation 4 version
  • - Same issues as the original
8.9 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition
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