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Nintendo Switch Sports Review

Motion-controlled fun

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🎾

Nintendo Switch Sports is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Sports with motion controls have been enjoyable since 2006's Wii Sports so here's the brand new and very nifty Nintendo Switch Sports.

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Time to bump, set, and spike my way to victory

Welcome to Spocco Square

Before getting to the sports, let's explore Nintendo Switch Sports as a package. The first thing you'll notice upon booting it up is just how fantastic it looks with its colourful and cheerful atmosphere as well as lovely environments and character models that look like they belong in a Saturday morning cartoon. That's right; the old-fashioned Miis have been replaced by much more visually appealing custom characters that really come to life as you compete. Plus, you'll earn gear and accessories to make them stand out even more. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

You can show your characters off while playing multiplayer, too, and there's a good assortment of ways to play. The primary mode is online where you compete with folks from across the globe in order to unlock items. Of course, you can enjoy the festivities with friends as well via local or online play and you can even go it alone if you want. Keep in mind that half of the 6 included sports can be enjoyed with up to 4 players while the other half are one-on-one events so you can entertain a couchful of chums or have some couple time.

Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot 2
This feels more like Rocket League than soccer

Let the games begin

Thankfully, every event in Nintendo Switch Sports features intuitive controls that allow anyone to pick up and play without issue. First, we have Volleyball which is a typical interpretation of the sport with 2-on-2 matches. I found the controls to work even if you merely flick the Joy-Con whenever you want to hit the ball although timing is important. However, the camera is placed at an angle that makes it tricky to gauge where the ball is. I wish it were more dynamic. 🏐 Next, Badminton is impressively fast-paced and frantic. My gaming chum and I ended up rallying quite a lot before one of us scored which makes it an excellent competitive experience for 2. 🏸

Another favourite from Wii Sports returns in Nintendo Switch Sports with Bowling. The core gameplay is what you'd expect but there is a special mode that adds tricky obstacles and curved lanes and I much preferred playing that. Whether you take turns or play split-screen, it's a ton of fun. 🎳 I also thoroughly enjoyed Soccer which actually isn't what you'd expect as you simply run around while occasionally waving 2 Joy-Cons to kick a giant ball across a field and hopefully into the opponent's net. It's unique and I enjoy it a lot. ⚽

Probably the weakest of the collection is Chambara as all you do is wave a sword around and guard while trying to knock your opponent off a platform. I'm looking forward to playing this sport online because I'd like to see folks' strategies. When I played it with my chum, it seemed like whoever got the first hit always ended up winning. In that sense, it kind of feels like Boxing did in Wii Sports. 🤺

Finally, there's the iconic Tennis that made everyone and their grandparents get off the couch in 2006. It's still a great deal of fun but I have a couple of issues with it. First, I don't like playing as 2 players simultaneously as I find it super-confusing but you have to unless a friend joins your team. I also wish that the controls weren't so sensitive because I'd often move the Joy-Con to get ready then that would register as a swing and lock me out of attempting my swing immediately afterward. It can be frustrating stuff. 🎾

Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot 3
Someone's looking satisfied with their bowling abilities

Nintendo Switch Sports is a worthy successor to Wii Sports. With lovely new character models, a solid collection of sports, plenty of multiplayer modes, and a fun-filled atmosphere, you'll enjoy competing with chums and chums-to-be alike.

  • + Solid variety of sports with intuitive controls and nifty variations
  • + Great-looking customizable characters
  • + Comprehensive multiplayer options
  • - Certain games have a stubborn camera and sensitive controls
  • - Being forced to control 2 players at once in Tennis can be confusing
7.6 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Nintendo Switch Sports
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