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OlliOlli World Review

Welcome to Radlandia

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on 🛹

OlliOlli World is also available for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

OlliOlli World is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

It's been quite a long time since the latest one debuted but the indie skateboarding series is finally back with the very cool OlliOlli World.

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Can I grind that flying whale next?

OlliOlli World is an awesome reboot of the 8 year old skateboarding game series that I originally enjoyed on PlayStation Vita. This latest iteration is a substantial step up for the franchise, especially when it comes to presentation as it takes place in an imaginative trippy 3D game world that looks like it belongs in an Adult Swim show. With that being said, its core gameplay remains intact although it's more accessible than ever with a focus on achieving high scores so if you merely want to complete the levels, it's fairly easy to do so. v1d30chumz 18-232-59-38

Everything about OlliOlli World is dripping with charm from its quirky cast of characters to its detailed animated backdrops that are easy to get lost in as you try to focus on your skateboarding tricks. You can also create your own character so I made a fellow in a purple flower dress to resemble me on a good day. To top it all off, there's fantastic music consisting of chill beats that complement the game world perfectly and it sounds like what a Brooklyn hipster would make in their studio apartment. In other words, my kind of groove! 🎵

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I'm totally writing about you in my review!

The core gameplay of OlliOlli World has you tap or hold a button to give yourself a push then you flick the left stick around to perform the titular ollie jump. As the campaign progresses, you'll also learn about many more tricks such as mid-air board grabs, rail grinds, wall rides, and plenty of advanced moves that you can utilize to rack up a high score. Needless to say, mastering the gameplay is quite a challenging thing to do and even though I felt like I was acing many of the levels, I would rarely rank high on the leaderboards which tells me that I still have a long way to go before I can consider myself worthy of the pro circuit. Anyway, it's intuitive stuff that anyone can enjoy. 😊

OlliOlli World primarily consists of a lengthy campaign that's set in Radlandia which is broken up into a handful of areas; each one containing oodles of levels and optional challenges. In fact, that's one of the best aspects of this skateboarding adventure as you can re-play levels in order to check off challenges, unlock more features, and climb the leaderboards. On paper, there's an absolutely bananas amount of replay value. However, in practice, I got a bit bored with the core gameplay after a few hours as it all started to feel quite repetitive. I'll still play it every once in a while, though, but I wish more was done to break up the action via mini-games and whatnot.

As I said, the main component of OlliOlli World involves working through the campaign but besides that, you can take on procedurally-generated levels for more unexpected challenges as well as challenge online players via the Gnarvana League. This has you complete daily events as you advance in your group so you can try to claim top prize. Because of this, the only aspect that you could consider multiplayer is still very much single player so I would have loved to see many more modes to add some much-needed substance.

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I think that chill bear's gonna win this race

I thoroughly enjoyed OlliOlli World, especially the fact that its gameplay remains instinctual yet challenging which allows anyone to have fun whether you merely want to skate or aim for the top of the leaderboards. Plus, its trippy visuals and music are spot-on.

  • + Intuitive gameplay that makes getting high scores challenging and fun
  • + Enjoyable trippy game world
  • + Lots of unlockables and levels
  • - Core gameplay gets kind of repetitive after playing for a while
  • - Could use more modes, especially when it comes to multiplayer
8.0 out of 10
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