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Tyler Hall

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Omega Strike is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Omega Strike is rated Teen by the ESRB

Put a stop to the evil Doctor Omega in this by-the-books Metroidvania.

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The fearsome hero prepares for his epic adventure

Its opening cutscene gives a brief overview of the current state of affairs in Omega Strike. A scientist named Doctor Omega invents a powerful new serum that's used to provide a physical boost the military. However, it has a side effect which is known to Dr. Omega that mutates the soldiers and allows their minds to be controlled by him. Meanwhile, the world is being taken over by these mutant troops yet a small rebellion has formed to stop the evil Dr. Omega. With the help of a transporter, three fighters set out to save the world. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

You can use this transporter in-game to swap between each of the three playable characters at any time during your adventure. Each chum has a different gun and unique special abilities that you'll need to explore the massive world in front of you. Sarge is equipped with a fairly standard machine gun and can do things like roll and grab onto beams to access hard to reach areas. Dex is armed with a powerful but short-range shotgun and has the enviable double-jump ability. Last but not least, Bear has a launcher that shoots bouncing projectiles and he's the strongest of the three characters as he's able to push objects that the other two cannot. Finally, you'll learn new abilities with each of these characters that allow you to access new sections and secret areas within the Metroidvania-style overworld.

Omega Strike screenshot 2
Mmm... street meat!

Omega Strike's graphics consist of a simple pixel art style that reminds me of a toned down Mercenary Kings. Unfortunately, there aren't many unique environments so you'll get bored looking at the same colors and objects as you progress. The same can be said for the enemy variety. While some enemies have stronger and slightly modified versions of themselves, there are really only about a handful of different types. Although some present a challenge, you'll probably bore of seeing the same ones over and over again as you progress from screen to screen. At least a dozen bosses can be found in the world of Omega Strike but they're huge letdowns because most bosses don't have nearly enough attack abilities, making their patterns easy to recognize and even easier to exploit.

The world, combat, platforming, and enemies are all entirely competent but they're let down by a lack of gameplay innovation. This makes Omega Strike's 5 to 6 hour long campaign feel a lot longer than it actually is. There also aren't quite enough fast travel points so the unexciting backtracking only adds to the slog. Swapping between the three characters brings a bit of variety but they play relatively similarly and there are so many high jumps that need to be completed later in the campaign that it's hard to imagine playing as anyone besides Dex. You'll only swap to the other two when their special ability is needed to progress.

Omega Strike screenshot 3
He'll never find me back here!

It might sound like I'm being overly hard on Omega Strike but I did have a decent time with it. Its ideas and structure are solid yet it's ultimately let down by a lack of variety and a sense of monotony that you'll regularly experience from start to finish.

  • + Learning new abilities and accessing new areas of the game world is satisfying
  • + Simple and appealing art style
  • - Lack of variety when it comes to both the environments and enemy types
  • - Disappointing boss battles
  • - Too much backtracking
6.9 out of 10
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Watch Tyler play Omega Strike
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