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Omensight Review

A truly captivating indie

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Omensight is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as Omensight: Definitive Edition

Omensight is rated Teen by the ESRB

The developers of Stories: The Path of Destinies have crafted yet another animal-filled tale. Omensight is a unique experience that's hard to put down so get ready for the end of days and let's hack and slash our way through this new adventure.

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One minute, your kingdom's on fire; the next minute, the world explodes

Omensight has you control the Harbinger who's sent from another realm in order to solve the mystery as to why a world is destined to end. This task involves unraveling a murder which presumably acts as a catalyst to the apocalypse. So, you traverse the land of Urralia while adventuring with a handful of animal characters from different warring kingdoms including Indrik the bird, Ludomir the bear, Ratika the rodent, and Draga the cat. Each mini-adventure has you first select one of the four animals then you work through their scenario while possibly making a couple of decisions such as entering a locked door that you now have the key for or deciding to either fight or communicate with boss characters. At the end of your trip, the world ends and time is rewound one day so you can then go on another quest. Meanwhile, every time you play, you'll uncover more information about the story and cast of characters until you eventually solve the mystery and beat the game. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

This method of storytelling is clever and innovative and the gameplay is pretty great, too. As the Harbinger, you're able to perform light and heavy attacks as well as team up with your companion for a powerful move and unleash tons of abilities that make combat complex and engaging. For example, you can throw explosive barrels into enemies, slow down time, dash through foes, charge certain attacks, and unleash projectiles. It's satisfying stuff, especially when you consider the fact that battles can be rather challenging thus forcing you to carefully dodge so you don't perish. It's some of the most enjoyable combat that I've ever experienced.

Omensight screenshot 2
Running through this beautiful forest makes me miss winter

Omensight's graphics are superb complete with gorgeous colour palettes that make each environment seem like a work of art and well-animated characters that pop off the screen. It's a fantastic feast for the eyes. However, the fact that you only ever traverse a handful of stages is pretty limiting. You'll find yourself running through Crimson Forest, Imperial Prison, Yarbog's Temple, City of Ekka, and occasionally Fyobor's Tavern again and again. To be fair, there are branching paths and the stages change according to the time of day and who your companion currently is but it still gets repetitive rather quickly. Anyway, the audio is masterful complete with music that always matches every scenario and gratifying effects. Plus, the talented voice cast fleshes out each character wonderfully.

When it comes to content, Omensight features a ton of unlockable upgrades that are very rewarding to acquire as they have the potential to make you far more powerful. As you play, you'll amass experience points that you can use to level up and earn new abilities as well as Amber that acts as currency for upgrades. These two components work in tandem perfectly to make you feel like you're growing at a steady rate. Also, uncovering more information in the Investigation Orb such as the timeline of events and bits of data about each character is rewarding as well, especially when you obtain keys that you can use to access previously locked rooms as they may contain awesome bonuses such as Memories that help flesh out the story. All of that being said, I wish there were additional modes such as challenges that you can work through because once you collect everything, there are no incentives to keep playing.

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This certainly isn't a fair fight!

My hat is off to Spearhead Games. They managed to improve upon the formula that they established with Stories: The Path of Destinies to craft a far superior experience with Omensight. I wish more game developers would grow and learn as much as they did.

  • + Clever story progression / visceral combat with loads of different abilities and complexities
  • + Gorgeous visuals and outstanding audio
  • + Rewarding upgrades and secrets
  • - Replaying the same few stages again and again gets a little tiresome
  • - Could use additional modes such as challenges to extend replay value
8.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Omensight
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