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OMNO Review

Short for omnomnom

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

OMNO is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

OMNO is rated Everyone by the ESRB

It takes a lot for a relaxing 3D platformer to be as immersive as OMNO is so grab your favourite staff and let's go on an adventure.

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This little fellow looks ready for an adventure

OMNO has you play as a nifty individual who wears stylish clothes and looks like it has an onion for a head. There's no story or dialogue but that's what makes OMNO magical. You're basically thrown into its gorgeous world and have to work out what to do in order to progress but does this make for a good time? Yes, it does; and I'm actually quite smitten with this lovely little indie and its quirky game world. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

If you know me then you'll understand that I don't usually enjoy slow-paced gaming experiences that lack challenge. I mean; it takes a lot for a walking sim or something similar to appeal to me. So, imagine my surprise as I played through OMNO because I found it hard to put down as I unravelled its awe-inspiring world one chunk at a time. I'm unchallenged yet absolutely loving it? How is that possible?! 🤯

OMNO screenshot 2
Time to hit the slopes!

So, what exactly do you do in OMNO? Well, there's no combat so you essentially just run around while trying to collect energy spheres in order to advance to the next area. Each one is locked behind a tricky puzzle or platforming segment and often, a combination of the 2. Therefore, figuring out how to snag these orbs is a big part of the fun. Sometimes, you'll have to leap between suspended platforms while others, you're tasked with moving blocks into a formation or playing a mini-game that resembles Simon.

Other than that, you acquire the handy ability to use your staff as a hoverboard which reminded me of Effie so you don't have to worry about traversing areas too slowly. You can also bring up a map which points you in the general direction of the orbs and there are quite a few collectibles scattered throughout, too, including a bestiary that contains all of the odd and imaginative creatures that you've encountered thus far; many of which resemble dinosaurs. Collecting them all will certainly give perfectionists something to do! 😁

Although OMNO is an immersive and impressively rewarding game, it can sometimes be annoying for various reasons. First, the occasional puzzle can feel tedious. Specifically, puzzles where you know the solution right off the bat yet have to go through the motions in order to solve it. Finally, some of the platforming can be irritating, especially when you have to air-dash to a suspended platform only to fall off because you overshot it. I wish there was some sort of magnet mechanic in place because it can be quite tricky to gauge some of these jumps effectively. Considering these are my only complaints and they don't happen often, take my words with a grain of salt.

OMNO screenshot 3
Oh, boy; if only I had more energy...

Take it from someone who doesn't usually enjoy unchallenging laidback adventures; OMNO is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. From its stylish visuals to its consistently rewarding collectibles and sense of progression, it really is the cat's pajamas.

  • + Chill 3D platforming that's simultaneously immersive, rewarding, and atmospheric
  • + Stylish visuals and imaginative creatures
  • + Solid replay value for completionists
  • - Some of the puzzles can be kind of tedious
  • - Platforming isn't always accurate
8.2 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play OMNO
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