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Ooblets Review

Adorably hilarious

Mary Billington

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on 😊

Ooblets is also available for Nintendo Switch

Ooblets is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Ooblets is finally here after a couple years since its early access debut so let's explore where the Ooblets landed after their official launch.

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Dancing with you is all I want to do

Hey, it's Ooblets

At its core, Ooblets is a mix of monster catching, farming, and item collecting. You play as a human character who has arrived in Badgetown and is greeted with a rundown shack to live in, some farm land, and an Ooblet friend. If you're thinking that this sounds similar to Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon then I agree; in fact, Ooblets actually requires quite a bit of farming to meet your objectives although there's no romancing and its relationship-building is pretty basic. What makes Ooblets unique is its sense of humour, Ooblet collecting, and towns that you unlock and explore throughout the story. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Gotta Catch 'Em All

There are dozens of Ooblets to collect with each one being awarded as a seed that you grow in your farm after winning a dance battle against an Ooblet and their buddies. That's right; there's no actual combat in Ooblets as every encounter is resolved through dance. The battles themselves are card-based and the cards you're dealt depend on the 8 Ooblets that you chose to join you on your daily tasks.

To win a dance battle, you must fill a meter with points before your opponent does. In order to earn points, you can play a simple points card or get more strategic and play cards that give you a lot of points after a certain number of turns or increase your accumulated hype which boosts how many points cards are worth. You can also cause trouble for your opponent by using fluster cards that do the opposite of hype as well as cards that stun your opponent which prevents them from playing certain cards. 🎴

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Only the finest cuisine is made on a hot plate

Electric Boogaloo

The battle system is quite enjoyable overall but it is rather random with its difficulty. Most battles can be won by playing a lot of hype cards and remedying any fluster that your opponent has thrown your way but the odd battle will require more strategy to complete. For example, Ooblets that are relentless in their use of flusters even to their own detriment as they lose points just to put you down. For these battles, I had to think about which Ooblets to take with me while going over their moves and strategizing to win.

There's also the occasional dance battle that feels exceptionally unfair such as one where I entered a 1-on-1 battle with an opponent that spammed stun cards which made my character just sit there in shock until the timer ran out. These battles are fairly rare, however, and they are beatable if you try them again while now knowing their moves ahead of time. 🔮

Hilarity ensues

The presentation of Ooblets is what kept bringing me back only to play for hours on end and not wanting to put it down. It's colourful and simplistic with a layer of nonsensical humour over everything. Just the names of things regularly cracked me up; mushrooms are button boys, a watering can is a dribbly can, and artichokes are fartichokes. This kind of humour is right up my alley and had me laughing constantly, especially when I saw Churles walking around; why is he called Churles and not Charles? It cracks me up every time. 🤭

Some of the Ooblets that you collect are hilarious as well, especially when you dress them up with accessories. I couldn't stop laughing when I dressed up a goofy-looking Tamlin with rollerskates and sunglasses. The music is great, too, and fittingly lighthearted; one of the battle themes is stuck in my head as I write this. Every dance battle had me tapping my toes and sometimes even standing up and stepping side to side like the characters do. Needless to say, if there was an Ooblets dance game, I would play it in a heartbeat. 🎵

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Looks like old Padrig got himself in a real pickle

A Strand-type game

The main story of Ooblets has you working with the young Mayor who's a little girl with pink hair in pigtails in order to impress the High Council of Ooblets in the hopes of saving the town while unlocking new areas. The Wildlands are a constant source of quests as are clubs where you'll earn badges for completing tasks as well as the one-off quests from residents. The story also involves turning on a tower in each new town that you visit in order to improve Badgetown's wifi à la Death Stranding. It culminates in an interesting twist at the end that I didn't see coming as I expected the story to just fizzle out the same way it does with the average Harvest Moon game. Thankfully, you can keep playing after you complete the campaign in order to collect all of the Ooblets and keep working on your farm. 👩‍🌾

Old MacDonald Had An Ooblet

Speaking of which, Farming isn't all that in-depth but there is plenty to keep you interested. The most efficient way to manage it is to build Ooblet houses called Oobcoops that serve multiple purposes as Ooblets will take care of crops on their land and having the house allows you to store more Ooblets so you don't have to set them free into the Wildlands when you reach your quota. Unfortunately, the farming area for the Oobcoops is tiny even when upgraded to the max level so it can be costly. The alternative is to use a variety of sprinklers but rocks, stones, and weeds will constantly spawn if Ooblets aren't taking care of the land so it can be a lot of work. 😅

Ooblets screenshot 4
I don't feel comfortable in this environment

A balanced diet

Different seeds are obtained as you visit new areas; of which, there are 6 main ones such as the desert of Mamoonia and the spooky town of Nullwhere. Towns also contain Ooblets that are unique to their area which all require certain items to get their attention and enter a dance battle. Some items can be obtained by planting and harvesting a seed while others require finding multiple items then baking them together to create a new tasty treat. I always got excited when I unlocked a new location to visit with the hot air balloon even though the locations are very small. Regardless, finding new scenery, items, seeds, and Ooblets is still a joy. 🎈

One Ooblet short of a dozen

In terms of improvements, although most areas are simple to traverse, I wish that there was a fast-travel option for some locations such as Tippy Top Mountain where I found myself walking all the way up the mountain only to realise that I needed to go back home and then had to walk all the way back. Further to this, even though the graphics are great for the most part, there was the odd camera angle issue as well as strange glitches like when characters got stuck inside objects. 🥴

Finally, there is one area that a lot of players get frustrated with known as Port Forward. To move the story along here, you have to beat an arcade player's high scores on 6 different mini-games; some of which are very hard to win. Thankfully, there is a way to hack the machines but it will cost you a lot of gummies (Ooblets' in-game currency) to do so. It's also possible to not even be aware of this hack and waste hours getting frustrated at the games. I think the scores should be lowered a little here to make it more obtainable. 🕹️

Ooblets screenshot 5
Alda should be a games journalist

Ooblets is an adorably quirky monster collecting game with enjoyable farming elements. Finding the right items to enter dance battles with new Ooblets then planting their seeds to cultivate them for yourself never gets boring. Plus, for such a funny game, the story culminates in a surprising ending which will make your hard work to improve Badgetown pay off in a big way.

  • + Card-based dance battle system is groovy and a lot of fun when it's challenging
  • + Collecting Ooblets is cute and rewarding
  • + There's always a lot of stuff to do
  • - One particular story quest can be very frustrating to complete
  • - Could use fast-travel in some areas
  • - Occasional graphical glitches
8.5 out of 10
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Watch Mary play Ooblets
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