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Pretty Princess Party Review

Interior decorators welcome

A.J. Maciejewski

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Pretty Princess Party is rated Everyone by the ESRB

If the idea of slowly bringing a castle to life as you become cuter, cooler, and more elegant appeals to you then check this game out.

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Well, ain't these princesses the prettiest peaches you've ever seen?

Last year, I played and reviewed the delightful and hilarious Fun! Fun! Animal Park and its developers now have a brand new game in the form of Pretty Princess Party. As a bear who loves to party, I was looking forward to trying it out. However, I'm not all that familiar with human princesses and why they're pretty but they apparently like to party, too, so they're my kind of people. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

The story of Pretty Princess Party puts you in the delicate stockings of your very own princess who you design. I wanted to give mine a nice thick coat of fur and prominent snout but didn't have any luck finding such options in the menus. Anyway, the plot begins when you follow a bunny through a portal to an enchanted castle that's unfortunately abandoned so it's your job to spruce up the place.

Pretty Princess Party's gameplay loop involves talking to NPCs, decorating rooms with specified items, high-fiving bunnies for cash, and playing mini-games. The main objective is to decorate the magical castle's 20 rooms which you do by placing all sorts of unlocked items around and once you fulfill the room's requirements, you get a diamond that allows you to open up new parts of the castle once you meet certain thresholds. Meanwhile, playing the mini-games gives you money that you use to purchase more furniture and decorations as well as grants you experience points that can level-up how cute, elegant, and cool you are. The resulting formula is extremely laidback, simple, and somewhat satisfying, especially once you start to see new faces around the castle and surrounding area.

Pretty Princess Party screenshot 2
I'd do anything for a bunny that cute

The mini-games are quite well-crafted and will have you shooting targets with a bow and arrow, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, assembling cakes, studying, and arranging flowers. Yes, that's all of them. With only 6 mini-games, the "party" part of the package is definitely lacking, especially considering the only multiplayer mode basically has up to 4 local players play the mini-games from a menu with no overarching structure like a board game or safari. With all of that being said, the mini-games are not the main focus as Pretty Princess Party is primarily a simulation game and like I said, they are rather fun and feature tight controls so at least that's something.

Finally, allow me to discuss some odds and ends. The visuals in Pretty Princess Party are incredibly bright, cheerful, and detailed and my favourite part by far are the large cast of bunnies that wear little outfits which make them look exceptionally dapper. They're so adorable that you'll want to scream into a pillow and considering you can high-five them, the cuteness factor is off the charts. Anyway, there's a whopping 1300 furniture items to collect as well as 316 items that can alter your princess' appearance. Needless to say, that's a ton of content to unlock and the fact that most of the items are actually quite detailed and look different is a treat.

Although Pretty Princess Party is all about designing the best castle possible and being the prettiest princess you can be, its gameplay loop is extremely simple and I imagine that even human children will tire of memorizing item lists, purchasing what's required, placing the items in the room, playing the odd mini-game, and chatting with bunnies. In fact, the humans that I imagine would enjoy Pretty Princess Party most are ones with an affinity for interior decorating and fashion. I prefer living in the woods and don't usually wear clothes so such things are outside of my comprehension but that's just me. Now that I mention it, if you enjoy decorating and being stylish then feel free to share screenshots of your room designs and princess outfits in the comments below and maybe you'll open my eyes.

Pretty Princess Party screenshot 3
Do princesses have to eat copious amounts of food before hibernating, too?

If you are a human who enjoys interior decorating and making princesses as pretty as possible then Pretty Princess Party can be a ton of fun. However, if you merely want to have a party with your princess pals then there isn't much to enjoy in that regard here.

  • + Simple and laidback gameplay that features some rather enjoyable mini-games
  • + The bunnies are absurdly adorable
  • + A ludicrous amount of items to unlock
  • - Gameplay may be too basic even for human children to thoroughly enjoy
  • - There really isn't much "party" involved
  • - Only 6 included mini-games
6.2 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Pretty Princess Party
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