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Tyler Hall

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Randall is rated Teen by the ESRB

In Randall, you play as the titular character, a brash young man who wakes up in a bizarre dystopian world that he knows very little about. He'll need to explore this place to hopefully find answers and eventually escape.

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There are a whole lot of obstacles blocking Randall's path to freedom

Randall is an action platformer with a Metroidvania structure although there isn't a whole lot of exploring or backtracking into previously explored areas with new abilities. Instead, you'll progress through five different locations including a prison, a factory, and a few more. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

The challenging platforming is Randall's brightest aspect. Developer We The Force Studios wasn't afraid to challenge the player with tons of electrified walls, spinning blades, toxic gas, and other hazards that block your path. Added abilities like a low, long jump and manual ledge grabbing add to the challenge and make you think about your next jump and how to land. Also, the mind control ability unlocked after the first hour or so adds a few new platforming mechanics to keep things feeling fresh.

Randall screenshot 2
Randall's not going to be getting up from that one

Randall's combat is far less satisfying, however. It's basic hand-to-hand fighting where you have a low attack, normal punch, and uppercut move. It's already pretty simple to get through the combat sections and advanced abilities like stun and mind control make them even easier. I mostly just groaned when combat sections popped up then mindlessly beat up the enemies so I could merely move on.

Randall has the framework of a competent game but man, is it rough around the edges. The setting and dystopian environments are nice but the frame rate stutters at times and there are moments of slowdown when several enemies are onscreen. Most foes have bizarre animations, specifically a goofy one where they stand up after losing all their life just to fall back over and die. The written dialogue is jarring as well complete with misspellings and a lot of inaccurate English grammar. It's also almost impossible to keep track of collectibles since you can't view all the ones you obtain and there's no inventory or status screen available in the pause menu.

More serious issues and glitches also significantly hampered my enjoyment of Randall. I noticed times when I would die and after the game brought me back to life, all the hazards in a room would fail to load thus allowing me to walk right past. Enemies glitch out and sometimes refuse to die once they lose all their life which is an issue I had happen with a boss and it completely stalled my progress as a result.

Randall screenshot 3
Okay... what is that supposed to mean?!

Randall has the markings of a decent game, especially when it comes to platforming but the bad dialogue, bizarre design choices, dull combat, and overall glitchiness make it hard for me to recommend in its current state.

  • + Challenging hazard-filled platforming
  • + A few fun additional mechanics
  • - Bad dialogue and poor spelling and grammar
  • - Bland and mindless combat
  • - Lots of glitches, some of which can prevent progress
5.2 out of 10
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Watch Tyler play Randall
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