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River City Girls 2 Review

Girls have even more fun

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 👊

River City Girls 2 is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

River City Girls 2 is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

It's been a few years yet WayForward's delightful spin-off is back thanks to River City Girls 2 and it's a fittingly fun-filled sequel.

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Kyoko dabs after another superb combo

Misako and Kyoko return

When you start River City Girls 2, you're treated to the original's iconic sense of humour right off the bat which makes for an excellent first impression. After being kicked out of school (literally) by a bunch of Yakuza who have taken over the city, Misako and Kyoko become a couple of couch potatoes while playing video games and eating snacks all day and this actually explains why the 2 are out of practice and need to start from square one again. This made me laugh out loud because you don't often see a reason why characters need to re-train and on top of that, I can relate. This silly humour is injected in nearly every scene of the campaign whether you're meeting an NPC, facing a boss, or carrying out a side-quest and the visuals are just as appealing as the original's with audio that really packs a punch thanks to its hard-hitting effects and catchy soundtrack. There are plenty of vocal tunes as well which help liven up certain encounters. 🎵 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

A new adventure

Of course, River City Girls 2 has its own story and this time, they side with Sabuko after defeating her in the previous game seeing as she's been ousted from her Yakuza family and therefore, has a newfound common enemy. Along the way, you'll see many references to other Kunio-kun games, the Double Dragon series, and even some nods to WayForward's previous titles and these always put a smile on my face whether they're shown through graffiti, guest characters, or remixes of memorable tunes from classic games. Overall, it's a silly adventure just like the first game and as a Kunio-kun fan, I had a blast with every minute spent alongside Misako and Kyoko. Oh, and you can also play as Kunio and Riki as well as Marian and Provie who are new to the series; the more, the merrier! 😄

River City Girls 2 screenshot 2
You can never have too much candy

Same great brawling fun

River City Girls 2 features the same core gameplay as the original which is great because it works very well, especially while playing cooperatively with a friend. One aspect that I appreciated was how relatively easy it is to navigate the streets of River City with the map where you spot your destination then simply remember the directions; for example, left 3 times, up, and then right. It's intuitive stuff and when you make your way to the next boss, you're bound to have a great time considering how diverse and tricky the boss fights are. Throw in lots of side-quests to take on and upgrades to purchase with food items increasing your base stats as well as accessories that provide unique boosts and you're looking at a rewarding and ever-evolving formula that's hard to put down. 😊

Enhanced for your pleasure

Thankfully, River City Girls 2 steps things up in a few special ways. For starters, you can play online co-op this time if you have a remote chum who wants to enjoy some brawling fun with you. There are also moments that will make long-time fans happy such as a dodge ball mini-game side-quest and a recruiting system that lets you summon a lot of hired and recruited fighters. I also enjoy the new array of moves that allow you to perform impressive combos and there are status ailments, too, that can help turn the tides in your favour. In the end, it's about as much of a step up as I hoped it would be but it's definitely not a massive improvement over the original. 💥

The streets can be rough

River City Girls 2 is a great game but it also has its downsides with its most notable being some of the bosses as they can be needlessly frustrating. Probably the most annoying boss is one that fills the arena with hazardous liquid then forces you to leap between platforms as they launch bombs at you. As if that's not hard enough on its own, you may get snagged on a mid-air bomb while leaping between platforms which just doesn't feel fair only to fall into the liquid and take even more damage then respawn into a falling bomb and lose all of your health as a result; yeah, screw that noise. In contrast, some quests can be quite tedious as they have you travel long distances to perform menial tasks but thankfully, these kinds of quests are far from common although they're still annoying when they come up. 😅

River City Girls 2 screenshot 3
A dodge ball mini-game? My dreams have come true!

River City Girls 2 does everything that I wanted it to and a little bit more. Needless to say, if you enjoyed the original then you'll love this as well so those looking for more silly beat 'em up fun will have a blast with Misako and Kyoko in their latest wacky adventure.

  • + Familiar yet fine-tuned beat 'em up gameplay that's a ton of fun with a friend
  • + Awesome presentation and sense of humour
  • + Lots of rewarding quests and upgrades
  • - Certain bosses will compel you to rip your hair out, glue it back, then rip it out again
  • - Some quests can be on the tedious side
  • - Not a huge improvement over the original
8.3 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play River City Girls 2
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