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Robonauts Review

Lost in space

Tyler Hall

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Robonauts is also available for Nintendo Switch

Robonauts is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Slay alien robots in QubicGames' planet-hopping shooter.

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Interplanetary combat!

In Robonauts, you play as a cute little robot aptly named Robo. Despite his cute exterior, Robo packs some pretty significant firepower. While cruising through space one day, he's captured by an evil robotic mining company and forced to work for them. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Robonauts is a 2D action shooter where you'll travel around small planets and jump between several of them in each of the game's 12 levels. Most planets are circular and you can simply drive around them and blast enemies but some have jagged and unusual features that will make navigation just a bit more difficult. The visuals are extremely vibrant and charming making it enjoyable to see what each level holds.

Robo is equipped with two primary weapons: a laser rifle and incendiary grenades. You'll want to make sure to use both of these weapons as much as possible, layering enemies with grenade fire then giving them a few good blasts from your rifle. There are also about a dozen alternate temporary weapons that you can pick up from defeated enemies. These include homing missiles, a shotgun, an electrified freeze ray, and more. These weapons are quite powerful but you'll only get a few shots out of each before you return back to your default weapons.

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Co-op is fun but it significantly reduces the screen size

Each of Robonauts' levels is filled with a variety of enemies. Some will come charging at you from both the ground and air while others will fire powerful lasers and grenades. Health is a precious thing in Robonauts and you can't just go barreling in against the alien baddies. You'll want to take your time and do your best to avoid enemy fire with the limited navigational abilities at your disposal. You'll also want to take advantage of times when your weapons can reach enemies on neighboring planets but they can't attack you back.

You can explore space on your own or have a local co-op partner join you. Playing cooperatively brings a bit of excitement and strategy to the game but the significantly smaller split-screen view hampers the enjoyment a bit as there are a lot of smaller enemies and item pickups that can be tough to see in this mode.

Robonauts' gameplay is quite simplistic. You merely move around firing your weapons while trying to avoid enemies. Other than looking left or right before you fire, there's no real aiming required, especially with your laser rifle. If an enemy is within its range, you'll hit it. There's also no dash or dodge technique which is something I felt could have added a bit more complexity to this basic gameplay formula.

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I definitely picked the wrong planet for my summer vacation...

Robonauts' gunplay mechanics are pretty by the book but it's bolstered by colorful visuals and planet-hopping exploration. At only 12 levels, the campaign is a bit on the short side but Robonauts is still a fun little adventure.

  • + Interplanetary setting with the ability to jump between planets is really cool
  • + Great visuals and upbeat soundtrack
  • + Variety of enemies with distinct patterns
  • - Gunplay mechanics are a bit too simple and don't evolve much throughout
  • - Co-op significantly reduces screen size
  • - A bit on the short side
7.3 out of 10
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