RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Review

An imagination-fueled adventure

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is also available for Xbox Series X

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

I love when clever indie games release and RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is one impressive creative effort that's sure to win you over.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright screenshot 1
Well, I can't wait!

Imagination time

As you can probably tell from the screenshots, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is a colourful game that's bursting with imagination. The premise is that a kid named Kenta made a game out of arts and crafts and you play it. When I was a kid, I remember making my own games and mazes but I never made anything quite as spectacular as this! Anyway, this premise is absolutely brilliant as the kid plays every single character in the game by simply putting their faces on his forehead and the whole world comes to life whether it's an animated pencil drawing or some kind of toy that resembles a fantastical object like a blacksmith using a pencil sharpener to enhance your sword. v1d30chumz 3-235-176-80

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright screenshot 2
This cave doesn't look daunting at all

A wondrous adventure

Even though this delightful game is called RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, I find that it plays more like a point and click adventure game than it does an RPG. As you progress through the campaign, you're essentially thrust into scenarios that require some working out before you can advance to the next one. You may have to find a key item, navigate through a trap-filled cave, or take part in a Zelda-like pixelated dungeon; it's all great stuff. There is combat, too, but even that plays like an adventure game as you have to guess what to strike with your sword to cause damage as well as deflect certain attacks. Thankfully, the controls remain intuitive even in combat.

A few surprises

The campaign within RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is full of variety from the charming tutorial dungeon to the many clever challenges that you'll overcome before your adventure concludes. As you move along, you will come across many surprises such as randomized special attacks and hidden minininjas that you can collect. There's even a help overlay where you can click on objects and the kid will explain them to you as if he's put a ton of thought into every little detail. It's wonderful stuff that's easy to fall in love with. 😄

Let's try this again

With all of the excellent aspects that RPG Time: The Legend of Wright completely nails in mind, it does have its downsides. First, some parts require far too much trial and error; unless you get lucky and figure them out sooner, of course. For the most part, situations have a somewhat clear objective and it's easy to figure out how to achieve it but sometimes, it'll feel like you're taking a shot in the dark as you see the game over screen appear over and over again. Finally, the gameplay in general isn't all that involving or challenging as RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is mostly about the spectacle of its fantastical world as opposed to providing thumb candy.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright screenshot 3
Time to rock and sock this robot

I don't think I've ever played a game as full of childlike imagination as RPG Time: The Legend of Wright. With oodles of brilliant situations to work out and spectacular arts and crafts visuals that really come to life, this is one lovely adventure.

  • + Brilliant premise that will bring you back to a time of childlike wonder
  • + Plenty of clever scenarios throughout
  • + Fun collectibles and surprises
  • - Some parts require too much trial and error
  • - Gameplay isn't all that involving
7.8 out of 10
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