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RPGolf Legends Review

The Adventure of Links

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🏌️‍♀️

RPGolf Legends is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

RPGolf Legends is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

There are many indie takes on golf games that range from wacky to genre-blending and RPGolf Legends is a solid example of the latter.

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You know what that means; I get a free round

As you can guess, RPGolf Legends attempts to combine RPG and golf within a fun-filled campaign. Although it succeeds for the most part, I must say that the RPG half of the equation is more like a standard overhead action adventure game than a traditional RPG which is fine. Plus, there are RPG elements such as equipment, light crafting, and a basic class system. Anyway, you play as Aerin who's on a mission to bring golf back to the world after all the holes get sealed by a nefarious entity. She meets a spirit golf club thing named Clubby who helps her and from then on, the adventure remains silly and charming which makes it easy to smile at every step along the journey. v1d30chumz 3-238-199-4

The visuals of RPGolf Legends are reminiscent of the Super NES era with crisp pixel art and lively character sprites. Along your travels, you'll explore 6 environments which do a good job of distinguishing themselves with unique characteristics and NPCs. The only downside to the graphics is that sprites are only animated for 8 directions which makes running around look a bit janky, especially when you steer a golf cart or ship as it snaps to different angles. On the plus side, the music is cheerful and upbeat which matches the story's tone.

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Some towns are certainly gloomier than others

Progressing through RPGolf Legends involves a mix of elements but you'll mainly complete quests for the locals, defeat enemies in combat, and golf. For starters, the combat is simple as you basically just whack imps, animals, and slimes with your golf club and there are buttons to block and use abilities, too. Even though it's simple, I found combat to feel disconnected with very little feedback and I wish there were more elements such as forcing you to skillfully evade or parry. Instead, it mostly falls flat yet it remains intuitive at least. Oh, and there are boss fights such as a giant enemy crab and foes that get in the way every 9th hole which add some welcome variety.

The golf is equally intuitive as you line up shots then tap buttons for dictating power and spin. If you manage to complete a hole on par or under, you'll be rewarded with slot-like bonuses that can grant you life, cash, and increase your gauge for unlocking the next hole. That's right; you have to unlock every hole via filling an energy meter by beating enemies, grinding holes, and such. Having to do this can sometimes be tedious, especially when you just want to keep forging ahead. Thankfully, you'll still be rewarded for your efforts through other means such as earning additional cash which you can spend at shops for accessories, better clubs, and heal items.

You'll meet a wide assortment of NPCs on your travels through the world of RPGolf Legends and many of them want you to complete goofy little quests that will give you goodies. Whereas some games feature quests that frankly aren't worthwhile, the fact that you can follow most quests via your compass and check them off as you head between destinations makes them enjoyable and satisfying here.

One aspect about RPGolf Legends that I find odd is that it lacks any sort of multiplayer mode and is strictly a single player adventure. I would have loved to be able to play it with my gaming chum because golf games can be a real multiplayer treat.

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I got my hands on the RPFish spin-off

RPGolf Legends provides a solid golf-filled adventure set in a lighthearted game world that's a joy to explore. Although its combat could use some major tweaks, you'll still have a fun time unlocking holes and completing quests as you save the sport of golf.

  • + Intuitive blend of overhead adventuring, combat, and golf
  • + Silly and charming game world
  • + Loads of quests to master
  • - Combat is kind of flat and lacks feedback
  • - Unlocking new holes can be tedious
  • - Could use some sort of multiplayer mode
7.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play RPGolf Legends
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