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School Girl Zombie Hunter Review

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A.J. Maciejewski

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School Girl Zombie Hunter is rated Mature by the ESRB

If you've ever wanted to slay the undead while controlling a cast of teenagers in their undies then here's a game for you. School Girl Zombie Hunter is undeniably weird but does it at least offer enjoyable gameplay?

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It's getting undead in here so take off all your clothes

You play School Girl Zombie Hunter by controlling a character from a selection of teenage girls to shoot zombies that are invading their school. Although I'd like to end the review there, I guess I'm obligated to discuss the game in more detail. The core gameplay is basically a super-generic third-person shooter where you run around, aim, and pull the trigger to blast away the hordes of undead. Besides that, you can perform a melee attack if zombies are ganging up on you and use an array of items that consist of traps, healing pick-ups, etc. There's even a button that allows you to take off your clothes. You can also tap this button in front of other school girls to command them to take their clothes off. Pretty cool, right? I mean, if I was battling zombies then the first thing I would do is disrobe. This serves no purpose whatsoever and I doubt anyone would find it titillating due to the subpar graphics and generic character models. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

Speaking of which, the visuals are downright embarrassing. It looks like a poor quality PlayStation 3 game. Although there are a handful of characters that you can play as, each one is virtually indiscernible from the next besides their hair styles and a few other minor features. Their faces look like mannequins and the zombies are pretty stock, too. On the plus side, the audio is decent complete with satisfying sound effects and a soundtrack that comes across as if it were ripped straight from a B horror flick. The voice acting is all in Japanese but the girls aren't that annoying to my surprise. Overall, it may look awful but the audio is at least well-done.

School Girl Zombie Hunter screenshot 2
That nurse stripper sure knows how to whack balls

School Girl Zombie Hunter can be played either solo or online. The single player campaign consists of a succession of stages with missions that range from sniping zombies from afar to protect a friend, going from point A to point B, defending a base, and generally surviving. Although all of these end up feeling similar, you'll acquire additional pieces of equipment that are rather rewarding to collect. When you factor in the level up system, it's actually quite satisfying watching your army of teenage girls become stronger. For the record, I tried to play online but couldn't find a single person to do so with. That being said, it's great that the option at least exists.

After all is said and done, the main issue with School Girl Zombie Hunter is that the gameplay is so painfully generic and tedious. All of the missions and environments blend together to create an unmemorable campaign and when you consider the fact that you eventually have to grind a lot in order to progress, it quickly becomes an exhausting experience. Finally, one thing that I need to mention which annoyed me far more than it should is the collision detection. Basically, if anything is even slightly in your way then you can't move past it. This goes for obstacles, teammates, and zombies. It makes no sense because these girls are skinny yet they can't fit through a 2 foot wide doorway? Also, why can't they shove their friends out of the way? Once, a group of hulking zombies cornered me and I couldn't do anything about it except wait for my inevitable death. This sort of crap is simply inexcusable in 2017.

School Girl Zombie Hunter screenshot 3
Hey, guys, can you please get out of the way for a sec?

School Girl Zombie Hunter is about as good as you would expect a game with that name to be. Its repetitive gameplay, embarrassing visuals, and annoying technical issues make for one easily forgettable gore fest.

  • + Decent sound effects and music
  • + Rewarding unlockables
  • + Includes online multiplayer
  • - Boring gameplay that requires far too much repetition and grinding
  • - Subpar last-gen visuals
  • - Awful collision detection
3.7 out of 10
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