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A simple and fun racing game for the whole family

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🏁

SMURFS KART is rated Everyone by the ESRB

I love a good old kart racer and SMURFS KART is a delightful one that's easy to play so gobble some smurfberries and get ready to race.

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That Papa Smurf patch is one of the cutest bonus items I've ever seen

Press A to SMURF

I must say; SMURFS KART is perhaps the most family-friendly kart racer that I've ever played thanks to its simple and intuitive controls, adorable visuals, and gameplay that's actually enjoyable. It also helps that you can play it with up to 4 simultaneous players locally. Anyway, the basic controls will have you accelerate, brake, use item pick-ups, and press a button to perform little hops as well as drift. Even though these controls will be easy enough for nearly anyone of any age to master, there are accessibility options, too, that allow you to enable smart steering, auto acceleration, and tilt controls. Well, we're off to a wonderful start so let's look at the physical goodies! v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Turbo Edition

If you prefer physical copies of games then the Turbo Edition of SMURFS KART will have you set as it features an attractive cover with a shiny Peyo seal of approval on the back. Inside the little case, you get 2 sticker sheets that feature every single one of the 12 playable characters as well as the game logo and the unplayable Brainy Smurf who presents tutorials during the loading screens. Finally, there's an adorable and high quality Papa Smurf patch that would look fantastic on a racing jacket. What a wonderful set of extras, right? 😊

SMURFS KART screenshot 2
I hope these acorns hit someone besides me

Bubbly presentation

Back to the game, SMURFS KART looks and sounds lively with its bright colours, cheerful vocal clips, and upbeat jazzy soundtrack with live instruments that'll have you smiling and tapping your toes as you race. Each track is impressively detailed and stands out as unique which is awesome because you'll have a great time whether you're racing through a forest, on the side of a vertical wooden path, or within Gargamel's dastardly lair. Meanwhile, the animation is superb and I loved small touches such as how the Smurfs' hats flap around in the wind. In my opinion, the cutest moment is an item that makes you hiccup because you jump uncontrollably while making little noises and that's just delightful. I also love the little moments of celebration whenever you happen to win a race. 🤭

Intricate tracks

Another aspect that I love about SMURFS KART is its impressively complex tracks that feature many branching paths, shortcuts, and stand-out segments. For example, one part has multiple wooden platforms stacked on top of each other and if you manage to stay on the top one, you'll end up further ahead but it's tricky because there are plenty of holes that you can accidentally fall through. That's just 1 example so you can imagine what else is in store. The tracks are set in 3 unique themes consisting of village, forest, and the Halloween-like Gargamel cup which may not be as cheerful as the other 2 but the tracks are definitely tricky with plenty of tight turns. 😅

Short on content

Although I loved the tracks, it is fairly disappointing that there are only 12 of them. Considering rival kart racers have literally dozens of them, you can essentially see everything that SMURFS KART has to offer in 1 gaming session. Whether you play multiplayer or solo, you can challenge 3 Grand Prix cups or enjoy Free Race after changing options such as speed, difficulty, which items can spawn, and how the tracks are selected. If you're playing by yourself, you can also complete Time Challenges for each of the 12 tracks on 2 different speed settings. Plus, there's a sticker album that you can fill out by accomplishing and grinding certain achievement-like feats. 🏅

Before wrapping this up, I just wanted to mention how odd it is that you can't throw item pick-ups behind you; well, except for the ones that you're supposed to throw behind you such as Venus flytraps which act as mines. This can be especially annoying when you're in first place then snag 5 acorns only to shoot them in front of you, have them ricochet off a wall, and then hit you instead of a rival. 😵

SMURFS KART screenshot 3
I can see the whole forest from up here!

I'm very happy with how cute and accessible SMURFS KART is because it allows anyone to enjoy racing in adorable little karts as their favourite miniature blue chum. It may be a bit short on content but it's certainly not short on fun.

  • + Intuitive kart racing that anyone can enjoy regardless of skill level
  • + Impressively intricate tracks
  • + Lovely visuals, especially the animation
  • - Overall, it's quite lacking when it comes to content with only 12 tracks to master
  • - You can't throw items behind you
7.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play SMURFS KART
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