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Snipperclips Review

Friends can be real cut-ups

A.J. Maciejewski

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Snipperclips is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Nintendo's Switch launch lineup last week was surprisingly mediocre. Snipperclips was their only first-party eShop-exclusive title so let's see if this cooperative puzzler cuts the mustard.

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Yellow watches Pink be carried off to the funny farm

Snipperclips is played by you and a friend controlling yellow and pink fellows who are rectangle-shaped with one side being rounded. As they overlap, one player can tap a button to cut the overlapping portion out of the other player's character. The point of this is to shape each other in order to solve puzzles. These puzzles seem simple at first but many of them are much more complex than you'll initially expect. Probably Snipperclips' best feature is its variety of puzzles. You'll solve everything from filling outlined areas with your characters to guiding hamsters through a stage and sharpening a pencil to trying to get a bowling bowl through a basketball hoop. It's really quite impressive how much variety there is with such a simple gameplay setup. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Besides the clever array of puzzles, another admirable aspect of Snipperclips is its charming visuals. Watching the little fellows clumsily run around and make faces as they jump, squat, and reach is simply delightful. The music fits this lighthearted style as well although the tracks can be rather short and therefore repeat too often. Overall, Snipperclips is a joy to watch for the whole family.

Snipperclips screenshot 2
Hurry, chums, he's in last place and missing a wheel!

When it comes to content, there are three basic modes. The first is a campaign that consists of three themed worlds with 15 puzzles in each that can be played either solo or with a friend. Next, party mode is a collection of a dozen puzzles that can be solved with up to four simultaneous players. Finally, there are three sports that can be enjoyed with two to four players.

The campaign is somewhat fun but after you complete the 45 stages, there isn't really anything else to do. The same can be said for party mode. Thankfully, the three sports are quite enjoyable for some competitive multiplayer sessions. Hoops is probably the best sport as it has players try and score baskets by simply bumping into the ball to make it bounce off them. Hockey is basically air hockey and it can make for some good times as well. Dojo is less fun as all you do is cut into each other until there's only one player standing.

Snipperclips screenshot 3
They finally did it thanks to Pink's lobotomy

The fact that there isn't much to do after you pass Snipperclips' short campaign isn't its only downside. In fact, the biggest problem with Snipperclips is how frustrating it can be. I'm the kind of gamer who loves challenging physics-based puzzles but the ones in Snipperclips often rely on chance as opposed to skill. For example, watching eggs fall to the ground as you try and guide them to their destination almost always feels like it's beyond your control. Some puzzles can take you an extensive period of time to pass simply due to retrying them over and over again while others can be mastered in a matter of seconds. It's irritating stuff indeed.

Finally, if you're planning on playing Snipperclips solo then you really shouldn't bother. In order to do so, you have to push a button to swap between characters which immediately turns the gameplay from moderately enjoyable to downright tedious.

Snipperclips screenshot 4
After all you've been through; you deserve this fishing trip, Pink!

Snipperclips may be a charming little cooperative puzzler but its lack of content and tendency to be more annoying than fun makes it a difficult game to widely recommend. If you're desperate for another Switch title then it may be worth downloading. Everyone else would be better off waiting for something more cutting-edge.

  • + Good variety of puzzles to master
  • + Charming and cheerful visuals
  • + The few sports can be quite fun
  • - Very little content to work through besides the main campaign's 45 puzzles
  • - Often more frustrating than fun
  • - Playing solo is tedious at best
6.3 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Snipperclips
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