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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash Review

Classic characters duke it out

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🎴

SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash is rated Everyone by the ESRB

SNK and Capcom; a couple legends of the arcade are battling yet again in the nifty Card Fighters' Clash which is finally available for Switch.

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Hey, I know that guy!

SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash debuted for Neo Geo Pocket Color back in 1999 via a couple of versions with each one focusing on either SNK or Capcom. On top of having their own starter decks, both releases featured exclusive cards so thankfully, you can decide which version to play before starting your quest in this Switch iteration. It's very cool that they included both games because it would have felt a bit odd if only one was featured. Anyway, no matter which version you decide to play, you can collect up to 300 cards with each one representing a unique character as you walk around a charming bite-sized world while challenging fellow fans to battle. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

This aspect of SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash is actually quite a treat as you can casually wander around a handful of distinct areas such as a park and arcades with SNK and Capcom themes. As you do, you'll come across card exchange shops, NPCs with helpful and silly things to say, and challengers that you can take on in battle. You can also pause to arrange your deck which is key for victory, especially against the tougher opponents. With that being said, arranging your cards is super-clunky due to an unintuitive and cumbersome interface that's understandable considering the Neo Geo Pocket Color only had a few buttons but annoying nonetheless.

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Does this Dust Dragon actually do anything?

The combat within SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash is easy to understand yet it takes a little while to become comfortable with. Essentially, you deploy cards that have BP which dictates both attack power and health points as well as other attributes such as an SP amount that'll add to your total once the card is deployed and abilities that may get used as soon as you choose the card. Some of these abilities are helpful while others can actually disrupt your strategy if you don't use them wisely. Once you gather enough SP, you can utilize it for a boost if you have any action cards or to deploy a multi-card attack if you have more than 1 currently in play. Meanwhile, there's a counter system where you can nullify damage at the cost of individual cards' BP but it's sometimes smarter to just take a hit.

All of these rules are very easy to digest even if you're not all that familiar with card combat games although after understanding the ins and outs of battle, success can still sometimes be dictated by luck. Even though the most important part of strategy is setting up a promising deck, there's still a random element to combat. For example, I tried my best at some battles and failed then reattempted while not trying and won with no problem at all. Perhaps optimizing your deck is key then the rest is just rolling dice? 🎲

Regardless of any apparent randomness, combat is still a blast and it's great fun to collect more and more cards after each sweet victory. Speaking of which, the competition is sometimes stiff and neck-and-neck matches can last a super-long time. Whenever that happens, it can be tense and unfortunately teeter on becoming rather patience-testing. However, once you eventually get a breakthrough after unleashing a potent combo of action cards, character back-ups, and coordinated attacks; it's satisfying stuff for sure. 😄

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I am winner yet again

The amount of characters in SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash is absurd and when you consider just how fun its battles are, you're left with a winning formula. Some aspects are a bit rough nowadays such as the cumbersome interface but it's still a good time.

  • + Simple yet somewhat strategic card combat that rewards setting up a good deck
  • + Loads of collectible character cards
  • + Cute game world to explore
  • - Battles can get quite drawn-out
  • - Interface is understandably clunky
  • - Luck can play too much of a role at times
7.2 out of 10
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