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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Review

A 2-pack of Mario awesomeness

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is rated Everyone by the ESRB

The Wii U ports keep on coming to Switch and now, this timeless classic comes with quite a cool bonus game, too, so let's pounce to it.

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Wow; Bowser sure has changed a lot between these 2 games!

Super Mario 3D World

When I think of awesome Wii U games, the first title that usually comes to mind is Super Mario 3D World. It's a sequel to the fantastic 3DS game Super Mario 3D Land and follows a similar gameplay formula. However, it dropped the 3D functionality seeing as it released on a home console but it also incorporated super-fun co-op multiplayer that up to 4 players can enjoy simultaneously. Plus, its Super Bell power-up allows your character to transform into a cat version of themselves which still makes me laugh yet these feline forms are impressively capable as they can scale walls and scratch enemies. Whether you're going it alone or playing with a few friends, there's no denying that Super Mario 3D World is one of the best 3D platformers ever made and it's sure to at least put a smile on your face. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

One aspect about Super Mario 3D World that shines brilliantly is its level designs which incorporate plenty of quirky gimmicks and nifty mechanics to craft some truly memorable scenarios. Whether you're using the touchscreen to extend platforms, controlling an identical clone, stomping around as a mega-sized character, or sliding around in a giant skate; the amount of variety is phenomenal. On top of all this, there are the classic Captain Toad stages that even got a spin-off in their own Wii U game that was also ported to Switch: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Thankfully, everything is adapted to Switch brilliantly as you can use the touchscreen to make up for the lack of GamePad and even use unlocked stamps for photo mode. Oh, and it all performs perfectly whether docked or handheld.

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Is any 3D platformer more cheerful than Super Mario 3D World?

Bowser's Fury

In addition to a port of an awesome Wii U classic, here's a brand new bonus game! Bowser's Fury takes the core gameplay of Super Mario 3D World and adds some elements to make it a familiar yet unique experience. The premise is that Bowser has gone over-the-top angry so Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. (who can be controlled by a second player) in order to try and stop him. To do so, you collect Cat Shines within the game's island-filled open world by completing objectives and finding them in tricky spots. After collecting a certain amount, you can transform into Giga Cat Mario and fight Fury Bowser in a challenging kaiju-like battle. These fights will have you dodging tricky attacks while waiting for your moment to stomp on Fury Bowser's belly or give him a scratch or 2. Meanwhile, goo slows your movement speed a great deal so you really have to strategize in order to emerge victorious but it's incredibly satisfying once you do.

One of my favourite parts of Bowser's Fury is the ability to ride around on Plessie's back within the water to get around as it feels like you're riding a big floppy water scooter. In fact, it's so much fun that I think it would be great if Nintendo made a water-based racing game with these cute creatures. Anyway, although I had great fun with Bowser's Fury, I must say that it's quite a short experience overall as you can complete the whole thing in a couple of gaming sessions. Another minor annoyance is that the camera can sometimes be at unintuitive angles thus forcing you to consistently adjust it. I wish it was smarter in certain situations whenever there's an obvious advantageous position for it to lock into. With all of this in mind, you can read more about Bowser's Fury in my in-depth preview.

Bowser's Fury: What Exactly Is It?
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury screenshot 3
Hurry, Plessie; I don't think we're wanted in these waters!

Super Mario 3D World is an excellent game so if you still haven't played it or simply want it on Switch, this will make a wonderful addition to your gaming library. Oh, and you also get a fantastic bonus game with Bowser's Fury so how could you go wrong?

  • + Super Mario 3D World is one of the best 3D platformers and it's great co-op fun
  • + Bowser's Fury is a top-notch bonus game
  • + Both games perform excellently
  • - Bowser's Fury is fairly short
  • - Occasional camera issues
9.2 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
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