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Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review

He's one rude dude with attitude

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on 🐻

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is also available for Xbox One

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is rated Teen by the ESRB

Super-tough platformers have been popular for years and they don't seem to be going anywhere. Super Rude Bear Resurrection may be one of the toughest games you'll ever play but is it worth all of the frustration?

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Super Rude Bear Resurrection screenshot 1
Careful, Rude Bear; those spikes look like they hurt!

As a bear who considers himself quite well-mannered, it was interesting for me to play a game starring such a brash bruin. You control Rude Bear almost identically to Super Meat Boy as you run around, jump off walls, and avoid countless hazards. However, there is also a dynamic that's borrowed from Life Goes On: Done to Death in that every time you perish, your corpse can be used as a platform or shield to help you deal with the hazards during your next attempt. Watching the corpses pile up and cover spikes in tricky areas is oddly satisfying. On top of all this, a weird flying wizard spirit thing follows you around. He can unleash a laser attack that gets rid of corpses if any happen to be in your way. Also, you can control him by holding down a shoulder button. This blend of gameplay mechanics is implemented seamlessly and it makes dealing with the super-challenging stages all the more rewarding. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Super Rude Bear Resurrection's sights and sounds come together to form a very cool world. The soundtrack is full of electronic grooves that'll keep your head bobbing as you run and jump around while the sound effects add a layer of satisfaction to triggering checkpoints and even dying. The visuals are mostly generic cartoonish characters and environments which ultimately aren't too impressive. There are flashy effects such as camera-tilting and light-dimming but these end up needlessly making the gameplay more difficult as it can get rather disorienting. However, the most annoying part of the graphics is that some hazards aren't easily spotted so many accidental deaths will occur as a result. For example, a small notch in a wall may unexpectedly shoot a fireball at you or an off-screen spike might fall on your head. One time, I died because the back of a spear poked through the wall a little bit. That's just not fair.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection screenshot 2
Rude Bear surfs on a fallen icicle like a boss

The campaign in Super Rude Bear Resurrection consists of 7 themed areas with a boss at the end of each. The stages are quite lengthy when compared to similar titles so it's by no means a short game. Additionally, there are plenty of well-hidden and exceptionally challenging optional gameplay segments to master. The coolest of which are alternate routes that unlock bonus levels. Some of these are controller-throwing nightmares so make sure you're prepared before you attempt them. You'll also discover the odd hidden collectible which can be irritating to acquire as well. Is there anything more frustrating than trying to jump off a wall onto an overhead ledge sticking out? Anyway, if you're a trophy hunter then there are some very unique ones to unlock here that'll put your skills to the test.

It goes without saying but if you're an impatient gamer then Super Rude Bear Resurrection definitely isn't for you. In fact, its fun factor almost entirely relies on your ability to shrug off dying countless times in a row. If that doesn't sound like your kind of fun then you'll likely get too annoyed to complete the campaign. It's true that the challenge becomes increasingly bearable the more corpses pile up but in some sections, scattering enough corpses around can take what seems like an eternity.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection screenshot 3
Since when was pushing my own corpse around not funny?

Super Rude Bear Resurrection may be the next great super-tough platformer but it doesn't quite reach the high notes of its predecessors. Also, if these kinds of games irritate you then you'll be better off hibernating for a bit longer this season.

  • + Satisfying mix of gameplay mechanics
  • + Awesome music and effects
  • + Optional routes and hidden secrets add a great deal of replay value
  • - Some hazards are hard to see
  • - Visuals can be disorienting
  • - Fun factor relies too heavily on your willingness to persevere past countless deaths
7.7 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Super Rude Bear Resurrection
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