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Super Toy Cars Offroad Review

Tiny racing with big attitude

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on

Super Toy Cars Offroad is also available for Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Super Toy Cars Offroad is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Toy car racing games can be quite a lot of fun and thankfully, Super Toy Cars Offroad is here to offer an exciting new spin on the genre.

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That snowperson wants to race but they can't fit in a car

I've been playing Eclipse Games' Super Toy Cars series since the beginning and although I didn't enjoy the first game as much as similar racing games, the direct sequel really stepped things up in a big way and I ended up having a blast with it. Now that I played Super Toy Cars Offroad, I'd say that it isn't quite as good as Super Toy Cars 2 but it's definitely much better than the first game and it also lays a solid foundation for a sub-series that I hope to see more entries in. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

So, what exactly is Super Toy Cars Offroad and how do you play it? At its core, this is a very simple racing game as you accelerate and steer as well as drift and deploy power-ups whenever you collect one. The challenge actually comes in the form of getting familiar with how your vehicle handles. Even though it's simple, I wouldn't say that this is an intuitive racer as it actually takes a good chunk of time to adapt to each vehicle type. Once you do and start winning races which can be a lot harder than it sounds, it's a real treat. 😊

Super Toy Cars Offroad screenshot 2
I don't think that's a shortcut, player 2...

One aspect of Super Toy Cars Offroad that stands out to me as its strongest asset is just how much variety there is. From the different kinds of vehicles to the brilliantly-designed tracks that are impressively detailed within its miniature world; there's a lot to sink your teeth into. Plus, there are many types of races such as Death Race where you can be destroyed, Elimination matches, Destruction where you slam into dummy cars, and Drifting Challenges which I found to be exceptionally difficult. As you play through the campaign, you'll earn money and unlock vehicles, upgrades, paintjobs, characters, and costumes and it'll take a good amount of time to acquire everything.

As I mentioned, being able to master Super Toy Cars Offroad requires a lot of patience because learning how to skillfully control your vehicle can be a tricky endeavour. Although this makes the gameplay more rewarding, it can also be quite discouraging as simply winning the early races will take at least a few attempts. After that, you may have to change your vehicle in order to play certain events then have to adapt to how that controls so it's a constant learning experience but it's great that the vehicles control so differently. 😄

There may be a lot of variety within Super Toy Cars Offroad and its tracks are excellent but there are some pretty severe bugs currently. There were times when events ended prematurely and once, I had 2 of the same vehicle spawn then the pre-race info remained onscreen only for the gameplay to halt shortly after. It can definitely be annoying when these odd bugs get in the way of the gameplay and I hope that they get smoothed over soon. Besides that, the presentation could be polished a bit more such as the menus being difficult to navigate and event rules aren't always clear when you first start playing. The load times are pretty lengthy, too.

Super Toy Cars Offroad screenshot 3
These drift challenges sure are tough!

Super Toy Cars Offroad is a delightful racer that's unexpectedly albeit impressively challenging. Even though it can be frustrating at times for various reasons, the variety of events and detailed tracks will keep you entertained for hours of miniature racing fun.

  • + Enjoyable racing with plenty of modes and a variety of different vehicles
  • + Detailed tracks are fun to race on
  • + Lots of unlockables and events to master
  • - Controls take a while to get used to, even when you simply change your vehicle
  • - Menus and such could use more polish
  • - Currently has some major bugs
7.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Super Toy Cars Offroad
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