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The DioField Chronicle Review

Real-time medieval fantasy combat

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on ⚔️

The DioField Chronicle is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

The DioField Chronicle is rated Teen by the ESRB

There aren't many RTS games on console so it's always a delight to check new ones out; thankfully, The DioField Chronicle is pretty cool.

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Well, that fellow certainly doesn't stand a chance...

Enter DioField

The DioField Chronicle tells the tale of a war-torn land where an invading nation is trying to control the entire continent. You play as a mercenary group known as the Blue Foxes who are from the last remaining independent nation and it's your job to fend attackers off. Specifically, you play as assassin Andrias, horse-riding lancer Fredret, ranger Iscarion, and mage Waltaquin. Along the way, you'll face all sorts of monsters such as massive ogres and flying fire-breathing wyverns and the mix of fantasy elements is welcome for sure. With that being said, the story tends to drag on but if you're inclined to enjoy war stories where various factions devise schemes as they advance then you may find it engaging. Everyone else will likely think it's too dry after a while so skip those cutscenes and get to the gameplay. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

RTS with a pinch of Final Fantasy

The gameplay of The DioField Chronicle will have you watch cutscenes, regroup at the hub, and then head to battle. Thankfully, the combat is fine-tuned to be intuitive as it doesn't take much explanation to understand how to play. Essentially, you guide your characters across the battle map and they'll automatically attack enemies. Meanwhile, you can tap the Commands button to unleash character-specific abilities and that's where most of the strategy occurs. From triggering summons that can damage an area of foes to creating healing zones, there's a lot you can do. Another aspect that I appreciate is how The DioField Chronicle often feels like an old-school Final Fantasy game complete with distinct enemy types, character classes, and gorgeous artwork. Oh, and the voice acting is excellent. 😄

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4:19 for an epic battle? Great, I can play 5 on my lunch break!

Prepare the troops

Between battles, you can upgrade your party via tasks such as purchasing equipment, upgrading summons, researching new gear for the shop to sell, and assigning points to both individual characters' traits as well as class-specific skill trees that may affect multiple characters. There are various currencies required for performing these actions that are earned through certain means. I should mention that even though there are a lot of elements to tinker with, you'll get so little currency that you can only upgrade a bit at a time. I wish that there were more options so it didn't feel as limiting. On the plus side, I enjoyed assigning partners to each character that provide additional skills and you can even swap to them on the fly, too. Overall, setting up your party is satisfying but not as deep as I hoped it would be. 🥺

Earn a war medal

Besides playing through story and side missions as you progress through the campaign, you can also choose to re-play any previous battle if you happen to miss some swag the first time around or you just want to earn a bit more cash. You see; you're awarded the previously mentioned valuable currencies for completing battles within a certain threshold of time as well as for not letting anyone get incapacitated and it can be challenging to do everything in one go. Therefore, snagging those missing pieces of loot afterwards is worthwhile. Also, fighting the same battle again when you're more powerful is oddly gratifying and the extra loot is just the icing on the cake. 🍰

Less risk, more reward

Finally, I'll discuss one of The DioField Chronicle's biggest issues which is the fact that it's not all that challenging which makes its gameplay frequently feel inconsequential. If you manage to get all of the awards for each battle and use them wisely then you'll likely tear through enemies without much resistance. Of course, boss-like monsters will always be a challenge but as long as you move your characters away from their strong attacks and stay on your toes, they likely won't be a problem. I also wish that there was more variety in some regards. Although there's a solid variety of enemy types, I only ended up using 1 summon most of the time which gets boring after a while. 😴

The DioField Chronicle screenshot 3
How is Fredret going to get out of this pickle?

I enjoyed my time with The DioField Chronicle and look forward to a sequel if one ever gets produced. Let's just hope that it features more variety in the aspects that its predecessor lacks as well as packs more of a punch challenge-wise.

  • + Intuitive real-time strategy gameplay with battles that don't overstay their welcome
  • + Superb voice acting and cohesive world
  • + Rewarding replay incentives
  • - Some elements could use more variety such as summons and upgrades
  • - Rather unchallenging overall
  • - Story isn't for everyone
7.8 out of 10
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