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The Sisters - Party of the Year Review

Silly mini-game fun for 4

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on 🥳

The Sisters - Party of the Year is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The Sisters - Party of the Year is rated Everyone by the ESRB

I love party games of all kinds and the more obscure, the better so I decided to play one based on the French cartoon Les Sisters and I'm happy to say that it's actually pretty good. So, invite a few chums over and get ready to party!

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Yeah, I guess it's pretty cool, Wendy...

The most important part of any party game is its collection of mini-games and The Sisters - Party of the Year features 24 of them. I've enjoyed similar games with more as well as some with less so it's a solid amount to have. Thankfully, most of them are quite fun and they feature a lot of variety as well as originality which you don't often see in the genre. A few of my favourite mini-games include one where you carry drinks on a serving plate from one end of a dance floor to the other and it's very tricky to not spill any of them, an obstacle course where you run and perform various actions to get your character to the end, and one where you carefully measure cereal in order to reach a specific weight. Games like these are frantic, require skill, and are therefore highly entertaining with up to 4 friends. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Of course, not every game is a gem but even the more generic ones are still a bit fun. For example, one mini-game involves mashing a button so you stay hanging on to a ceiling fan. It's not that engaging but it's hilarious to watch. Meanwhile, one game simply has you tap a button after watching 4 lamps light up while trying to keep with the beat and it lasts a bit too long and isn't that fun. Another one is just a claw machine where it's hard not to pick something up which is kind of boring. There's even a mini-game where you make French fries that plays like it's straight from Cooking Mama and a couple of games where you simply push other players while either earning points or trying not to fall off the arena. Although these aren't shining examples, there's still a solid amount of fun to be had overall.

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Wait up; Lily's lagging far behind!

In addition to the multiplayer fun, there's a whole Adventure mode that you can play through as either Wendy or Maureen which has you explore a game world while playing mini-games, finding a variety of different collectibles, and completing quests that involve things like investigating, racing, hunting for treasure, and fishing. It's impressive that they crammed this much content into the single-player component and it provides quite a laidback and enjoyable experience which is a nice change of pace between multiplayer sessions. Heck, there's even a bonus bite-sized retro 2D platformer that you can play in the kids' living room that's called The Pixel Sisters.

I'm not familiar with Les Sisters at all but I do enjoy the cast of characters that are on display here. In total, there are 16 kids to choose from and although their character models aren't amazing, each one is animated in a lively manner which gives them a lot of personality. Watching them celebrate or pout after matches or simply hang out in the menus is delightful and I imagine that fans of the cartoon would love to see the cast come to life in 3D here. You can also unlock outfits, hats, and hairdos which is a nice touch.

Back to the multiplayer; there are a few different modes you can choose including Challenge mode where you can play the individual mini-games solo or with friends, Tournaments that let you choose multiple mini-games, All or nothing mode that has you play every mini-game back-to-back with overall wins being tallied, and Around the world which has the next player pick a mini-game before each round. With that in mind, these modes basically just involve playing the mini-games and I wish that there were more structured modes such as a Mario Party style board game. Also, I found there to be a bit too many loading screens which can get annoying, especially when you want to just keep playing mini-games in the All or nothing mode. They don't last long but they kind of drain the energy from the party.

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That's one way to clean up your toys

I wasn't expecting to have as much fun with The Sisters - Party of the Year as I did. Its varied collection of mini-games is impressively enjoyable and when you consider that there's a whole single-player component, you're looking at one jam-packed party game.

  • + Contains 24 mostly fun mini-games with a good amount of variety and originality
  • + Well-animated and colourful characters
  • + Adventure mode is enjoyable solo
  • - Some of the mini-games fall a bit flat
  • - Could use more structured party modes
  • - Too many loading screens
7.3 out of 10
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