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The Spirit and the Mouse Review

Little hero, big heart

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🐁

The Spirit and the Mouse is rated Everyone by the ESRB

There's a mouse in the house but don't panic because she's on your Nintendo Switch in the brand new The Spirit and the Mouse.

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Oh, noes; I think I'm about to fall on my bum-bum!

Little hero

The Spirit and the Mouse has you play as Lila the mouse who meets a spirit named Lumion on one fateful night. She's soon granted the power to harness electricity in order to make the humans happy in their little town. You do so by collecting electricity and discovering Kibblin-Boxes which are powered by cute critters known as Kibblins. Upon meeting a Kibblin, you'll receive a quest that can either be a short task, a whole mini-adventure, or a series of riddles and after you complete the quest, that Kibblin will return to its box. Once all of the Kibblins return to their respective box, electricity is restored in that part of town once again and the surrounding humans will be grateful for your efforts even though they don't even know that you exist. 😯 v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Big heart

Sometimes, I feel like a little mouse that no one knows exists but I'm cool with that. I also like to help folks with things and don't care about getting credit so I can relate to Lila. Plus, the Kibblins are adorable and usually rather funny which really brightened up my day whenever I met a new one. They just want to do their job, make friends, and excel at what they specialize in so in essence, helping the humans through them makes them happy, too; The Spirit and the Mouse is all about spreading positivity to everyone around. ❤️

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I'll take 1 fast travel and a pack of liquorice, please


The main gameplay aspect of The Spirit and the Mouse is exploration and you do so by scampering around and climbing structures. Along the way, you can zap certain items to receive electricity which is the in-game currency in a sense and it replenishes over time so you never have to worry about running out as long as you keep collecting it diligently. After a while, you'll find the best method of covering as much ground as possible is to climb up high then carefully jump down while traversing ledges in order to find hidden goodies. 🕵️‍♀️


You might be wondering, what sort of goodies are there in The Spirit and the Mouse? The main collectibles are lightbulbs and there are a lot of them around. After collecting certain thresholds, a shop that's run by a Kibblin named Kishine will introduce new items to buy that range from maps to gameplay features. For example, you can buy fast travel, photo mode along with stickers, a thunder storm transformation, and a radar to find more lightbulbs. Unlocking this stuff is supremely rewarding so make sure to search everywhere. 💡


Of course, considering The Spirit and the Mouse is as slow-paced as it is, it begins to overstay its welcome if you play it for too long in a single session so I highly recommend only completing a couple of quests whenever you want to wind down. This tedium compounds due to the lack of variety as well because most of the campaign will simply task you with traversing environments to discover certain points of interest then move on to the next task. This can be enjoyable in short bursts, though, so don't dismiss it just because of this. 😜

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Lila sure looks happy after a day of helping folks

If you ever feel like a little mouse as you try your best yet you mostly go by unnoticed then The Spirit and the Mouse will surely connect with you as much as it did with me. Plus, it's one cute and laidback tale that's impressively well put-together.

  • + Slow-paced exploration and quest-solving that makes for a great wind-down
  • + Adorable quests and silly characters
  • + Lots of thingies to collect
  • - It can feel rather tedious after a while
  • - The campaign could use more variety
7.8 out of 10
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