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Thymesia Review

Souls gets plagued

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🗡️

Thymesia is also available for Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch

Thymesia is rated Mature by the ESRB

You know you made an awesome game when developers come out of the woodwork to copy you so here's yet another Soulslike.

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So much motion blur; where are my glasses?

What to expect from Thymesia

For some reason, people don't like when games are compared to Dark Souls and its siblings but there's no denying that many games attempt the exact same formula: explore a dark fantasy world, fight monstrous enemies, collect a currency that allows you to level-up yet gets dropped wherever you perish, etc. Thymesia follows this formula exactly while also simplifying its RPG elements in favour of more streamlined combat just like Sekiro did a few years back. In fact, there's a heavy reliance on deflecting attacks here which you can accomplish by timing a button press perfectly. There's also a feather that you can throw to stun enemies when they're readying a strong attack as well as unavoidable attacks that must be dodged. It all comes together to make one involving formula. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Too many ingredients

With all of that in mind, I'd argue that Thymesia simply has too much to its combat. I actually gave up trying to deflect attacks and mostly relied on dodging which worked out just fine during the levels but when you're facing a boss, you really have to play exactly as the developers want you to in order to succeed. This actually annoys me a great deal because I enjoy having options when I play games but you really can't vary your approach much when you're facing off against the collection of super-tough bosses here. I can see what they were trying to accomplish and obviously, some folks will dig what they're putting down but I don't; I found this aspect irritating. 😠

Thymesia screenshot 2
Hey, watch where you swing that thing, buddy!

Clunky yet cool

There's no denying that Thymesia is a clunky game. Heck, walking around basically feels like floating because your character (Corvus) doesn't seem to have his feet actually touch the ground. Combat is kind of disconnected like this as well because both receiving and inflicting damage doesn't result in much visual or audio feedback which makes exchanging blows far less visceral than in similar games. There are even odd visual bugs such as enemies floating in mid-air, pop-in, and some of the worst motion blue I've ever seen. That being said, the gameplay is still notable in its steep challenge and fast pace so I totally understand how someone could love this game. Skillfully slashing up hordes of foes only to topple a level's boss feels great so it's still a cool experience; it simply could use a lot of work.

Sharpen your blade

There are no character classes or customisation in Thymesia but as you play, you'll gather souls (oops, I meant memory shards) that you can redeem to level-up 3 stats which dictate your attack power, maximum health, and energy. I should mention that combat has you deplete enemies' health but then you have to attack them with a special weapon to solidify their wounds so they can't heal their health back. It's convoluted, unnecessary, and a frequent pain in the ass but I digress. Acquiring plague weapons is a great way to deal with wounded enemies as the basic claw attack can be slow and frustrating to pull off effectively. Obtaining and levelling-up these weapons is rewarding and I found doing so in conjunction with the talent trees to be the most satisfying aspect of character growth. 😊

Is that it?

Exploration is one of my favourite elements of Soulslikes and Thymesia features plenty of collectibles to find which is great. Unfortunately, the stages are boring, straightforward, and unmemorable. To illustrate this, I regularly got lost because many areas look the same so it's difficult to orient yourself. Not only that; there are very few levels to work through so the adventure will be over much sooner than you'd hope. Oh, and the story is so scarce and bland that it's not even worth piecing the bits of lore together. Why should I care about Corvus? Because he's your character. What is he doing exactly? Collecting memories because Thyme gave him amnesia or something. 🤷

Thymesia screenshot 3
Odur is really about to stink

Thymesia is one of those games that you should take its reviews with a grain of salt because it's an obviously clunky game yet its combat can be super-satisfying for the very specific kinds of gamers that it's targeting. Everyone else will probably find it too irritating to play.

  • + Fast-paced combat that can be enjoyable to master, especially if you like deflecting
  • + Nifty character growth options
  • + Decent amount of collectibles to find
  • - Gameplay feels floaty and clunky and could use a lot of refinement
  • - Plenty of strange visual bugs
  • - Too few levels and they're quite boring
6.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Thymesia
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