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This cute robo bro sure is a capable little fellow

A.J. Maciejewski

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Tinertia is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Certain super-tough games can be extremely polarising. Tinertia offers loads of intensely challenging scenarios that gamers will either love or hate so let's start our rocket-jumping journey to finally find freedom.

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Good thing Weldon's wearing shades around all these laser beams

You play Tinertia as Weldon, an adorable bite-sized robot who finds himself in quite a pickle one day while aboard his comfy spacecraft. A dastardly force known as ARC suddenly attacked his ship thus making him fall to the bottom of a creepy and unfamiliar planet. So, it's your job to control him by gradually ascending the planet's many layers in the hopes of eventually finding freedom. You do so by guiding him along with the left stick and propelling him off surfaces by launching rockets with the right stick. If you've ever played the indie gem Kick & Fennick then this mechanism will feel right at home. It can be incredibly tough navigating through the hazard-filled stages and fighting the epic bosses but each stage is short enough (most can be completed in under 30 seconds) that it makes trying to climb the leaderboards a rather addictive endeavor. v1d30chumz 34-231-247-88

Tinertia's visuals are absolutely fantastic complete with a charming protagonist and many detailed and animated environments. Weldon is quite a goofy little robot and you can unlock additional costumes to make him look even more adorable. He's a perfect contrast to the mostly dark and dangerous places that he finds himself within throughout his adventure. These places range from sewers to factories and slums to cities with each area offering a distinct visual style. The stages are full of intricate features that make them come alive although they're mostly uninhabited. The soundtrack provides a perfectly balanced approach between the cartoonish hero and the dire situation that he's in with many atmospheric tracks. Overall, Tinertia's world is sure to impress even the most jaded gamer.

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I'm just trying to get through, buddy; you can put your saw-hand away!

One of Tinertia's best aspects is its stage design. Not only do you eventually traverse seven themed worlds, you'll also come across many new stage hazards and features as you progress. Although you'll mostly be avoiding certain coloured surfaces and lasers and such, it's cool when you find yourself flying through wind tunnels, flipping switches, blowing up walls, and setting off traps, too.

Although Tinertia sounds like a great game so far, it has some substantial downsides. As someone who loves a challenge, it always annoys me when difficulty relies on memorization which Tinertia unfortunately becomes susceptible to on a regular basis. You'll find yourself repeating the extremely short stages at least a dozen times each before you finally clear them because you have to play with absolute precision if you want to master them. It gets repetitive very fast. The epitome of this is whenever you fight a boss. You never know what will kill you next unless you retry over and over again while eventually memorizing every single surprise as well as the stage layout to the best of your ability. Once you beat a boss, it probably won't even be rewarding due to the amount of frustration required.

Finally, Tinertia has one huge flaw: a complete lack of an aiming reticle. You basically launch rockets by tilting the right stick wherever you want them to go. However, being able to aim with precision this way can be a nightmare, especially when Weldon is flying through the air at high speeds. I wish you could aim with the right stick then tap a button to launch a rocket. That alone would have made Tinertia much more enjoyable. Instead, it makes the gameplay rely more on trial and error as opposed to pure skill.

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I don't want to know what that green stuff is but it sure does stink...

Tinertia is one fantastic-looking game but the gameplay can quickly make even the most hardcore gamer frustrated with its repetitive nature and reliance on trial and error. That being said, climbing the leaderboards can be surprisingly satisfying.

  • + Super-tough core gameplay that can make climbing leaderboards rather addictive
  • + Charming hero and detailed environments
  • + Innovative and varied stage designs
  • - Difficulty relies too heavily on repetition, memorization, and trial and error
  • - Lack of aiming reticle is a big problem
  • - Bosses are excruciatingly frustrating
6.4 out of 10
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