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Tricky Towers Review

Tetris + Physics = Fun

A.J. Maciejewski

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Tricky Towers is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Tricky Towers is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Innovation in the puzzle genre is hard to come by and Tricky Towers may take most of its gameplay from the few decades-old Tetris but adding physics into the mix makes it feel like a brand new game.

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Survival can be quite tricky with pesky wizards trying to mess with you

Tricky Towers is played by dropping tetrominos down the playfield to land on the often uneven ground below. This may sound familiar but things get complicated when you realise that pieces can fall if they're not well balanced. Building up a tall tower then watching it tumble is quite a devastating event so making sure every block is placed securely is a necessity. To help you out, you can cast both support and attack spells. These spells can rope pieces together with vines or mess with your opponent. When the gameplay shines brightest is during multiplayer matches. There's something about the delicate nature of the physics that makes playing with friends incredibly enjoyable. Overall, the way that classic puzzle gameplay mixes with this new twist of implemented physics makes for one addictive formula that'll keep you entertained for hours. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

On a visual level, Tricky Towers is bright with lively environments and a cute cast of wizards. Watching them hover around on their clouds while they dastardly laugh at their opponents and celebrate with joy is a blast. The music is rather catchy with upbeat rhythms that blend with the charming and satisfying sound effects. Overall, this is one delightful game on both the eyes and ears.

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I don't know who will win this race; it sure is neck and neck...

As I've previously mentioned, multiplayer is a load of fun. You can play with up to four players either locally or online. There are three modes to compete in that include race, survival, and puzzle. Race has players build enormous towers in order to see who can reach the goal height first. If you want to add some frustration, you can implement stormy weather that has the potential to blow your tower down. Survival tests how efficient you can place blocks by giving you a limited number to stack without dropping them and running out of lives. Puzzle mode sees how many blocks you can set underneath a laser beam without going over. Personally, I find this mode to be the most enjoyable because it requires a lot of planning in order to emerge victorious. Even though multiplayer is as fun as it is, the fact that there are only three modes means that it gets repetitive shortly after you play one of each match type.

Speaking of repetitive, single player only features two modes. Trials contains 50 challenges that consist of the three gameplay types. It's satisfying to work through but it's rather short-lived. The only other single player mode is endless survival challenge where you see how many pieces you can stack before running out of lives. Thankfully, it has a leaderboard that's rewarding to climb.

Besides the lack of modes, my main complaint is that randomness can be a pain from time to time. For example, some single player challenges are very difficult but then you may be dealt a lucky hand of blocks that all fit together perfectly thus allowing you to finish it easily. To be clear, the puzzle mode has preset pieces but the other modes rely too much on randomness.

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Consider this puzzle solved!

Tricky Towers is one of the best competitive puzzlers that I've played in a while. If the idea of Tetris with an enjoyable twist of physics appeals to you then this is a definite must-buy puzzle game.

  • + Combination of classic Tetris gameplay and physics is just awesome
  • + Vibrant world bursting with charm
  • + Multiplayer is a ton of fun
  • - Only three gameplay modes means that the fun factor dies down rather fast
  • - Randomness can be annoying at times
  • - Limited single player content
7.8 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Tricky Towers
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