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Two Point Campus Review

Theme University

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🎓

Two Point Campus is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Two Point Campus is rated Teen by the ESRB

Managing your own hospital has been enjoyable for decades but what if you could run a college? Well, here's Two Point Campus.

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Eat junk food then build robots; that's the life!

From patient to student

After enjoying Two Point Campus for hours, I must say that I'm impressed with how much better of a game it is than 2020's Two Point Hospital. Whereas that game launched with many noticeable bugs, what's here is a much more solid experience. Not only that, the gameplay itself is elevated to new heights thanks to some excellent well thought-out additions that I'll dive deeper into in a bit. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

For now, I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that the developers created something truly special with Two Point Campus as it accomplishes what every sequel should by offering a familiar experience that actually feels fresh and new. I'm sure that playing it on a new generation of hardware has something to do with that as well but either way, it's great to play something this refreshing.

May the school year commence

Obviously, the main appeal of Two Point Campus is that you manage a post-secondary education institution. Although it may seem like doing so won't be much different to running a hospital, it actually is with the primary difference being the fact that the gameplay loop is segmented via school years. At the end of each year, your university is judged according to how well the students performed so ensuring that their needs are met is crucial. On top of that, you can have a bit of a break between years where you can upgrade and select courses as well as build new rooms on purchased plots of lands, hire and train staff, and place enough entertainment and hygiene-related facilities to keep the staff and students happy and clean. I must say; I much prefer this to running a dodgy hospital. 😊

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I'm looking forward to being able to afford that Crazy Taxi machine

Training wheels

The learning curve in Two Point Campus is implemented in a way that no one will be confused as to what to do at any point. In fact, it's so gradual and thorough that I'd even say it's a bit much, especially for those who already played Two Point Hospital. It would have been awesome to have the option "I'm familiar with how to play already" before starting a new game because it can get a bit tedious in the early goings. As a result, long-time fans will find the gameplay to start getting engaging about 4 or 5 levels in which could take hours.

Extracurricular activities

When it comes to supplementary content, Two Point Campus has a lot to keep in mind. For starters, there are multiple currencies such as money that you use for mostly everything, Kudosh for unlocking items, and there are even coins that you can spend on upgrading and purchasing courses. What ties into this is the message system where you can fulfill optional goals in order to enhance your facilities even more and earn sweet rewards. Another system that I enjoyed is events where you can schedule parties and competitions to help keep your students entertained and striving to do their best. There are also some elements borrowed from Two Point Hospital such as the ability to train your staff which I always appreciate. Overall, this adds up to one hands-on and immersive gameplay loop. 😄

Oh, and before I forget, you can even decorate the exterior of your campus and I especially enjoyed placing fun activities like a running track and a tennis court. These tie in with the clubs that students can join as well which is a nice touch.

College life can be a grind

One area that I wish was remedied somehow is that just like with Two Point Hospital, starting new levels in Two Point Campus can be quite monotonous and repetitive. Even if you use saved room templates, performing the same tasks over and over again while setting up a new campus starts to feel like a chore after a short while. I hope that in the next game, there will be a way to accelerate the setup process before you dive into the new elements. To make matters a bit more frustrating, there are some minor bugs and control issues. Specifically, placing items is often finicky and accessing various menus is more cumbersome than it should be. For example, I would have enjoyed being able to navigate a comprehensive events menu instead of having to use the clunky timetable view. 📅

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I built such a lovely room and only 1 bloke appreciates it

Two Point Campus is certainly a substantial step up from Two Point Hospital as it's a much smoother experience and features some undeniably nifty new mechanics. It goes without saying but if you enjoy these kinds of games then it's a definite must-play.

  • + Fantastic management gameplay that's more refined and robust as ever
  • + School years make for rewarding goals
  • + Lots of additional mechanics
  • - Takes too long to get interesting
  • - Gameplay loop is still rather repetitious
  • - Has a few minor bugs and control issues
8.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Two Point Campus
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