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Velocity 2X Review

Get ready to not blink for a while

A.J. Maciejewski

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Velocity 2X is Cross-Buy with PS Vita and also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Velocity 2X is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Velocity 2X attempts to combine various 2D action genres and succeeds in doing so. Almost any gamer will find it hard not to get sucked in to the frantic action that this game delivers in every second of gameplay.

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Levels get quite complex as the game progresses

As a sequel to the PSP mini Velocity and its remake Velocity Ultra, Velocity 2X picks up right where its predecessor left off. The protagonist of the series, Kai, must fight the Vokh Empire armed with a plethora of abilities and her ship, the Quarp Jet. The story is simple and it's fun to read the dialogue in the game's cutscenes (especially Kai's scenes with antagonist General Glaive). The art in these scenes is done in a futuristic comic book style and it looks great. This being said, all of these scenes can be skipped so you can jump right in if you've come just for the action. v1d30chumz 35-172-223-251

Graphics in Velocity 2X are simple and effective. Players can distinguish notable objects and enemies easily. Backgrounds are subtle and foregrounds are made of unique material depending on the area that the level is in. The Quarp Jet is small but smoothly animates as it turns left and right. Kai is animated very fluidly as she runs, jumps, and fires her pistol in any direction. Shots fired either by Kai or the Quarp Jet are flashy and it's satisfying to watch objects and enemies explode. The music consists of subtle trancey vibes that complement the futuristic design well. Sound effects as you collect items, shoot, teleport, and watch enemies explode are awesome and make every action all the more satisfying.

Velocity 2X contains a couple of different gameplay styles. Kai will fly her ship which controls like a vertically scrolling space shooter and run on foot which controls like a horizontal platformer, usually within the same level. Both of these styles flow seamlessly as you dock and board your ship. The controls are very tight and responsive which is necessary for a game with action as intense as this. However, sometimes it's hard to remember all of the controls when switching between the two styles. Most of the controls remain the same, but some must be compromised considering you have different abilities on foot than in your ship. There are some puzzle elements mixed into the equation which help to break up the otherwise hectic gameplay. Examples of some puzzles include strategizing how to progress in a certain room or calculating the optimal order of switches to activate. Overall, this is a very well rounded game with many components.

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Kai is as dangerous on foot as she is in her ship

One of the main aspects of the Velocity series is the ability to teleport. By holding a button and moving a cursor, Kai can instantly move her ship anywhere within range. Kai can also teleport on foot although her range is significantly shorter. This mechanic is what defines Velocity's frantic gameplay as players don't just move and shoot like most other similar games; they must warp around the screen constantly in order to progress and avoid being squished by the bottom of the screen.

Velocity 2X grabs gamers' attention by constantly adding mechanics and abilities to diversify the gameplay. This makes players want to keep playing to see what will come next as new features will be introduced until the last few levels. While flying the Quarp Jet players will be able to boost, unleash bombs at 90 degree angles, and drop teleport anchors. Kai will be able to sprint, throw teleport anchors, shoot in 360 degrees, fire a rifle straight ahead, and teleport short distances via teledash. Enemies you fight include aliens that fly in patterns like in Galaga, turrets that unleash slow energy balls, and the occasional boss. Kai will also fight Vokh guards while on foot which are quick to attack once Kai is present. These are taken care of by teleporting past them after they attack then shooting them while their shields are down. Bosses are never as simple as shooting mindlessly since they always have a shield up that requires you to utilize various methods to disable. The diverse array of enemies you fight are all great fun.

The main campaign is divided into 50 levels. Each level has various goals to accomplish which include finishing in a certain amount of time, getting a certain amount of points, rescuing survivors (collectables while flying the Quarp Jet), and collecting crystals (collectables while on foot). After each level is completed, you are rated on how well you accomplished each goal and are given experience points based on the thresholds you've reached. Experience points are required to progress in the game as they unlock further levels. Accomplishing all of the goals at once can be extremely challenging so players can choose to attempt one or two goals at a time. More skilled players can perfect levels by meeting certain criteria. This system of goals in conjunction with leaderboards adds a ton of replay value as most gamers will want to earn the highest rank and score in each level. The earlier levels are a breeze and help players understand how to play the game. From then on the difficulty gradually increases as more features are introduced and levels become longer and more challenging. As players finish the game, they will be surprised by how capable they've become since the beginning.

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Even the end credits are a good time

There are a few unlockables to be found within the game's levels. These include data packs which add to the files that are found in the flight computer menu and playable bonus levels. The flight computer contains a prologue that players can read to understand the background story, unlocked cutscenes, Kai's journal, various information about characters and items, statistics, and even a calculator! This is a very cool feature and is a nice database for everything Velocity related.

Velocity 2X is a great 2D action game that will reward any gamer that's up for the challenge. With its fast paced action and copious amount of value, you will be missing out if you don't download this fantastic game.

  • + Seamless mixture of genres
  • + Relentlessly fast and engaging action will satisfy and challenge any gamer
  • + Tons of replay value
  • - Controls may get hard to remember when switching between gameplay segments
8.9 out of 10
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