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Wondershot Review

Pint-sized yet powerful

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Wondershot is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Wondershot is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Local multiplayer games come in many forms; however, Wondershot is a refreshing change to this overcrowded market with its simplified and refined gameplay. When you're ready, invite some pals over and let's give this wonder a shot.

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In a battle of slingshots against hammers, who will come out on top?

Wondershot is a game all about accuracy. You control one of four characters in an overhead perspective while trying to avoid and attack foes. After taking the brief yet very helpful tutorial, you'll realise that the key to becoming a Wondershot master is to familiarize yourself with the variety of weapons. Each one handles very distinctly yet they're all well balanced so picking your favourite after some experimentation is an enjoyable process. Arrows are expectedly straightforward as you charge them up and shoot but you can also fire an arrow slowly that homes in on enemies. Slingshots allow you to bounce projectiles off walls, boomerangs can spin in place after you throw them, and hammers grant you the ability to dash through walls. When you factor in a handful of power-ups and stage features such as portals, you're looking at one hectic combat system. Overall, the simple gameplay and tight controls make each battle a joy to play. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

One thing that I love about Wondershot is its beautiful artwork that you can admire in the menus and loading screens. It brings a lot of personality to each character even though they don't really have their own stories to tell. The in-game graphics are just as vibrant with colourful environments and easily distinguishable features. On the audio side, merry orchestral music ushers in a layer of gaiety. The high-pitched announcer and goofy sound effects add to the silliness although I can understand how some gamers may be put off by it. That being said, if you're just looking for an entertaining game with friends then these embellishments make it all the more fun.

Wondershot screenshot 2
I can handle a whole gang of Monstees with my trusty boomerang

Wondershot is a multiplayer-focused experience but there's plenty of single player content to master, too. A lengthy list of challenges is quite rewarding to work through as each one is set up thoughtfully and has its own leaderboard. Additionally, an endless mode will put your skills to the ultimate test seeing as it's over as soon as you take only one hit (which makes climbing this mode's leaderboards even more thrilling). Anyway, if you have friends to play with then you can do so with up to four simultaneous players. Setting up a multiplayer match is both intuitive and customizable which ensures every battle is tailored to your liking. You can even force every player to use the same weapon so no one can use that as an excuse for losing. As you play, you increase your rank which unlocks new stuff such as further challenges and extra maps to battle on. In the end, there's a decent amount of content to enjoy solo or with pals.

My biggest complaint about Wondershot is that there's no option to have computer-controlled players join you. This is a local multiplayer game so I don't expect there to be online multiplayer, but why can't I add a couple of AI players to enroll in the battles? Also, you can invite a friend to help you through endless mode which is cool but doing so with the computer would have been an interesting dynamic whenever you don't have someone to play with. Next, there are only a few environments to play within. They look great, but with only fifteen battle maps divided into three different themes, you'll definitely want to see something new after a while. Finally, the gameplay is simple and fun but it's a bit too basic to remain enjoyable for long since it eventually becomes repetitive. I found single player to have a more lasting appeal because there's a ton of challenging content to master but multiplayer is only good for a few rounds at a time.

Wondershot screenshot 3
This stage is designed just for reflecting projectiles... tricky stuff!

Wondershot's focus on simplified combat gameplay succeeds to create an enjoyable and easy to understand formula. It may be lacking in a couple of areas, but there's enough here to be worth playing either solo or with your chums from time to time.

  • + Simple and fun gameplay with tight controls
  • + Lovely artwork and colourful visuals
  • + Lots of solo content to challenge and multiplayer options to enjoy with friends
  • - No option to have AI players join you
  • - Could use more environments
  • - Basic gameplay starts to become repetitive after playing for a while
7.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Wondershot
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