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WarioWare: Get It Together! Review thumbnail

WarioWare: Get It Together! Review (Switch)

Bring a friend

September 13, 2021 - I've been a huge fan of WarioWare ever since its Game Boy Advance debut back in 2003 and there's now a cool new one for Switch.
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Traffic Jams Review thumbnail

Traffic Jams Review (PlayStation 4)

Arcade-style zaniness for PSVR

September 12, 2021 - VR is still in its infancy so it's incredible how many unique experiences there are for the platform and here's another with Traffic Jams.
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Espgaluda II Review thumbnail

Espgaluda II Review (Switch)

Another top-notch shmup from CAVE

September 11, 2021 - Switch is the place to be for excellent shmups and there have been some recent offerings from CAVE so let's check out Espgaluda II.
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Baldo The guardian owls Review thumbnail

Baldo The guardian owls Review (PlayStation 4)

Should you give a hoot?

September 10, 2021 - Once in a while, I come across a promising-looking game that no one's talking about so let's take the road less traveled with Baldo.
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Spelunky Review thumbnail

Spelunky Review (Switch)

The roguelike classic comes to Switch

September 10, 2021 - Spelunky has been around for over a dozen years and it's finally available for Nintendo Switch so grab your whip and let's descend.
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Sokobond Review thumbnail

Sokobond Review (Switch)

Sokoban with chemistry

September 9, 2021 - I've been thoroughly enjoying Draknek's Switch puzzlers but it's time to ditch the monster and enter the chemistry lab with Sokobond.
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Life is Strange: True Colors Review thumbnail

Life is Strange: True Colors Review (PlayStation 5)

And that's why I love you

September 8, 2021 - When Alex Chen reunites with her brother in the mining village of Haven, her psychic power of empathy becomes a catalyst for change. What secrets will she uncover and is her power ultimately a blessing or a curse?
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Tales of Arise Review thumbnail

Tales of Arise Review (PlayStation 5)

Best Tales game yet

September 8, 2021 - A woman who emits electricity when touched and a man who can't feel pain; what destiny awaits this unlikely pair? Here's Tales of Arise.
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Cosmic Express Review thumbnail

Cosmic Express Review (Switch)

A monster becomes a train conductor

September 7, 2021 - We've seen a monster topple trees and build snowmen so now, let's lay train tracks so they can deliver goofy aliens to their destinations.
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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Review thumbnail

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Review (Switch)

Roll up some puzzle fun

September 4, 2021 - The Switch eShop is filling up with some noteworthy puzzlers recently so it's time to build a bunch of snowmen in a charming indie.
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