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Top 10 Download Only Hidden Gems on PlayStation 3

Reasons to dust off your console

A.J. Maciejewski

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As Sony's first system capable of downloading games, the PlayStation 3 sure had a phenomenal library. Here, I count down ten buried treasures that you may not have heard of but are worth playing before you put your PS3 on Craigslist.

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When this 2D action platformer arrived, it was accused of ripping off 'Splosion Man. Long story short, it was actually the other way around. Anyway, this enjoyable adventure plays (and looks) a lot like a Mega Man X game so I had a ton of fun playing through it in its entirety. However, it gets crazy difficult so be sure that you're up for a challenge. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Polar Panic

I love block-sliding puzzle games. Polar Panic manages to combine action elements perfectly with the classic puzzle formula to create a truly engaging experience set in a goofy cartoon world. Who wouldn't want to play as a polar bear that's sticking it to the man? If this sounds like your kind of game then check out my review of PlayStation 4's Castles, too.

Polar Panic screenshot
A flamethrower is no match for a giant sliding block of ice... I think?


It must be difficult to craft a unique puzzler in this day and age. Droplitz has you rotate tiles with paths carved into them in order to guide drops to the bottom of the playfield. It sounds simple but mastering its frantic gameplay requires a lot of practice and skill.

Hamilton's Great Adventure

Some games are difficult to describe. Hamilton's Great Adventure has you explore grid-based stages while collecting treasures and trying not to die. Trust me, you will a lot because these stages are full of hazards that'll end your life in an instant. However, there's nothing more satisfying than figuring out the perfect route in order to snag all of the goodies and emerge unscathed. Oh, and you can invite a friend to play who can help you collect treasures as Hamilton's crafty pet bird named Sasha.

Hamilton's Great Adventure screenshot
Hamilton's adventure is as crazy as it is great


What do you get when you combine a puzzler and a fighter? Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. But, Puzzlegeddon also fits this description. It plays a lot like the classic Yoshi's Cookie where you spin rows and columns of tiles in order to match as many as you can. Performing chains while filling your various attacks and defensive abilities in order to take out your opponents makes for one addictive formula. Too bad this one never caught on as I would've loved to compete online but could never find anyone. Time for a sequel!

Toybox Turbos

There's something about racers with toy cars that almost always makes for a good time. Toybox Turbos features classic overhead gameplay, awesome music, and loads of content, but best of all; it's a ton of fun! For more on this hidden gem, read my full review!

Toybox Turbos Review
Toybox Turbos screenshot
If I do the dishes then how will these cars have their little race?

Mercury Hg

Archer Maclean's Mercury for PSP was one incredibly enjoyable arcade-like experience where you tilt stages in order to guide a blob of mercury. However, it's not just a Super Monkey Ball rip-off as the mercury can split, change colours, and combine again so you can solve various puzzles. It's a mind-bending puzzle/action hybrid that'll have you hooked for hours. Anyway, a sequel titled Mercury Meltdown came out for PSP, PlayStation 2, and Wii and its most recent iteration finally arrived on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. This version is bursting with loads of challenging stages and even has two DLC packs to offer even more content.

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

One of my favourite genres is first-person grid-based dungeon RPGs. Wizardry has a long history going back all the way to 1981. This Japanese-developed spiritual successor to the series may be a bit too old-school for many gamers but it is definitely one of my favourite games for PlayStation 3. I poured dozens of hours into its challenging dungeons and I still haven't done everything yet. If you like these sorts of games, too, then make sure to check out my reviews of MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, Severed, and Stranger of Sword City.

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls screenshot
Ayane threw a copy of Bushido Blade?! But, that game's awesome!

Rocket Knight

Speaking of games with history, Rocket Knight began as the 1993 Sega Genesis game Rocket Knight Adventures. It had a sequel a year later named Sparkster and I happily own both of them. Although this new take on the series has 3D visuals to replace the super-charming 2D animation in the original games, it retains the same incredible platforming gameplay that defines the series.


You wouldn't think a racing game would top the list, but this one has planes! Kidding aside, SkyDrift is one of the best aerial racers that I've ever played. The controls are intuitive and the visuals are superb. It feels like a port of an arcade game but there's so much more to it. You can even play it online although I don't think I ever have due to the fact that barely anyone bought it. In the end, this is one genre that I hope comes back. For now, whenever I want some challenging plane races, I'll be sure to boot this up.

SkyDrift Infinity Review
SkyDrift screenshot
Aerial racing games don't get much better than this
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