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Top 10 Final Fantasy Vacation Destinations

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The Final Fantasy series is filled with many diverse and wonderful locations. This list attempts to count down ten distinct locations from different games that would make interesting vacation spots.

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If you're not afraid of heights then you'll enjoy staying in the town of Cleyra from Final Fantasy IX. Built atop a giant tree and protected by a sandstorm, visitors will feel safe in this quaint and cozy town. Oh, if you go then tell Soldier Dan I said hi. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Gingerbread Land

Foodies would be in heaven when they visit Gingerbread Land from Chocobo Racing. It'll be hard not to gain a few pounds on this trip with desserts everywhere the eye can see. Make sure you bring some insulin.

Chocobo Racing screenshot
Cloud rode his Hardy-Daytona all the way from Midgar for some tasty treats

Red Moon

Is the constant commotion of city living getting you down? You couldn't get any more isolated than going to the moon in Final Fantasy IV. Just make sure you're prepared to fight some tough monsters during your stay.

New Bodhum

If you're looking for a relaxing seaside getaway then New Bodhum from Final Fantasy XIII-2 may be the place for you. However, be careful of time rifts. You don't want to see what the future has in store.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshot
Serah is suited up and ready to enjoy a dip

The Veldt

Do you like the idea of an African safari? If so, take a trip to The Veldt from Final Fantasy VI for an exciting expedition where you can expect to see fierce creatures from all over the world. If you see Gau wondering about then give him a shiny object and he'll probably show you around whether you want him to or not. What a delightful chap.

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Vacationers looking for a lot to do on their trip will love their stay at Luca from Final Fantasy X/X-2. You can watch a blitzball match, go to the theater, visit the many shops, take a boat trip, and maybe watch a Yuna impersonator live in concert!

Final Fantasy X-2 screenshot
Yuna's imposter puts on one heck of a show

Balamb Garden

Although Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy VIII is an educational institution, it makes for an interesting vacation for those looking to bond with intellectual peers. You may have to stay in a dormitory and spend each day reading at the library and eating cafeteria food. However, you can have fun at the Garden Festival in the quad and spend evenings dancing in the ballroom. Did I mention the whole place flies? That alone makes visiting Balamb Garden worth the trip.


If it's fun you want then you can't go wrong with the "city of pleasure" that is Yusnaan from Lightning Returns. The world's going to end some day so why not live it up with regular fireworks shows, fine dining at many different restaurants at Hawker's Row (try the Steak a la Civet), and performances at Augur's Quarter. Maybe you'll even get to witness Lightning fighting monsters at Coliseum Square.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII screenshot
Lightning poses in her shades in front of a Cactuar statue

Royal City of Rabanastre

Are you in to Renaissance fairs and steampunk culture? If you are then the Royal City of Rabanastre from Final Fantasy XII will be a dream come true. Visitors can visit the Aerodrome to take a ride on an airship, have a drink at the Sandsea (if you don't mind sky pirates), shop 'til you drop at the East End, and haggle for some deals at Muthru Bazaar. Also, if you're lucky then you may be able to watch a Moogle parade during your trip. How cute!

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Gold Saucer

If you want some fun for the whole family then you must go to the Gold Saucer amusement park from Final Fantasy VII. Once you enter the park via a tram, you're greeted with a plethora of ascending balloons. During your stay you can ride a rollercoaster while shooting targets, site see on a gondola, and play games at the arcade. There are also many forms of entertainment including arena combat, Chocobo races, and live shows. While you're there, stay overnight at the spooky Ghost Square inn. A good scare always makes me sleep through the night. Talk to your travel agent today and book your trip! They won't think you're crazy.

Final Fantasy VII screenshot
You know it's going to be a good time when you take a tram that comes out of a statue's mouth

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