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Top 10 Impractical NES Mega Man Weapons

These won't cut it in the real world

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Mega Man has wielded a large array of unique weapons throughout his long history. Most of these weapons are pretty cool, but some are quite illogical when you think about them. Although these may be cool in the games, here are 10 weapons that won't hold up in reality.

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Magnet Missile

As Mega Man enters Hard Man's lair, he knows just how to take him down. Mega Man proceeds to throw all of his magnets at the metal armoured robot master. Hard Man being covered in magnets is even more fired up than usual and thus gives Mega Man a severe beating. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Water Wave

Star Man is next on Mega Man's list of robots to deal with and he has a trick up his sleeve. As soon as the encounter starts he'll summon three waves to splash Star Man's legs. This plan will work... as long as Star Man isn't wearing his rubber boots.

Mega Man 5 screenshot
Mega Man makes waves for his enemies

Ring Boomerang

Mega Man likes to mix things up once in a while as he gets bored of all the missiles and lasers. Weapons like that make life far too easy. Throwing metal hoops around seems like a challenge. No enemy would ever get hurt by those. Good luck, Mega Man!

Blizzard Attack

Plant Man taunts Mega Man as he struggles in their battle. Mega Man feels like throwing in the towel, but then thinks of a great idea. Plants die in the cold! Mega Man then blows four snowflakes at the boss knowing victory will soon be his.

Mega Man 6 screenshot
Nothing spells danger like four snowflakes blowing in the wind

Wind Storm

Mega Man knows that fire becomes extinguished in the wind because he's a smart fellow. Therefore, in his imminent battle against Flame Man he knows just what to do. Shoot little tornadoes at his ankles! All the added oxygen will surely put out Flame Man for good.

Rain Flush

After defeating countless enemies, Mega Man knows his way around the robot psyche and if there's one thing robots don't like; it's rain. If Mega Man finds himself being attacked from now on, he'll make it rain and that will bum out all the robots so they won't feel like fighting anymore. Good thinking, Mega Man.

Mega Man 4 screenshot
No one makes it rain quite like Mega Man

Bubble Lead

As Mega Man plots his assassination of Heat Man, he brainstorms the ultimate robot master destruction tactic. Heat Man's days are numbered since he will never stand a chance! It's time to break out a weapon so dangerous that Mega Man has been saving for a special occasion such as this. It's time... to blow bubbles! Heat Man's going down.

Leaf Shield

Air Man is one bad master robot and after Mega Man defeats Wood Man, he is next on the hit list. Mega Man has seen leaves blowing in the wind and that sight is what inspired him to put two and two together to guarantee a victory. As the battle starts, he'll summon four leaves to rotate around him. Air Man would be defenceless. What could he do? Blow them away?

Mega Man 2 screenshot
Mega Man feels safe as long as four leaves are rotating around him

Dust Crusher

Mega Man has used rain to sully his enemies' moods but there is yet another trick up his sleeve. He knows that robots are obsessive-compulsive neat freaks. It's time Mega Man took advantage of this and started throwing clumps of dust around. How can any robot attack Mega Man while they're distracted by all the dusty furniture?

Top Spin

Mega Man has seen his share of robot-on-robot violence with no foreseeable end. How can he get through to Dr. Wily without having to send his creations to the scrap yard? It's time to melt some hearts through the power of dance. As Mega Man jumps and twirls, Dr. Wily watches from afar with a single tear in his eye. He will never be the same again.

Mega Man 3 screenshot
Mega Man stops fighting to spread peace via interpretive dance

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