Top 10 Lego Dimensions Level / Story Packs

Top 10 Lego Dimensions Level / Story Packs

Must-have mini-adventures

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Although the future of Lego Dimensions is unknown, there's no denying that it already boasts an impressive collection of content. So, let's take a look back at the ten best currently available Level and Story Packs.

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack

Newt and Niffler came with a new impressive Lego gateway (including nifty moving pieces) to complement this Story Pack. Newt is one of the most useful characters in the Lego Dimensions universe with a wide variety of abilities at his disposal featuring a few unique ones just for him that make exploring 1920s New York a lot more fun.

Lego Dimensions: Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Review

Portal 2 Level Pack

I never would have guessed I'd be playing a Lego version of the Portal franchise and this miniature interpretation does a great job of staying close to the games. It's a ton of fun solving Aperture's puzzles as the resourceful Chell with her trusty Sentry Turret and useful Companion Cube by her side.

Lego Dimensions: Portal 2 Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Portal 2 Level Pack screenshot
It's a lonely world when all you have is a Companion Cube

The Simpsons Level Pack

The colourful world of The Simpsons is represented beautifully here in its very own Level Pack complete with Homer's belch ability that shatters glass in his vicinity. Strolling around the Lego reinterpretation of the classic Simpsons episode "The Mysterious Voyage of Homer" is quite a unique and enjoyable experience.

Lego Dimensions: The Simpsons Level Pack Review

Adventure Time Level Pack

Another cartoon with its own Lego Level Pack is Adventure Time. TT Games recreated the episode where Finn and chums search for the elusive Enchiridion while sauntering around the amazingly colourful and goofy Land of Ooo. I'm sure Finn's weapon-swap ability will come in handy on this adventure!

Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack screenshot
Finn and gang sure have a lot of fun in their tree house

Mission Impossible Level Pack

Ethan Hunt is back in action in this blocky version of the first Mission Impossible movie. Many classic scenes can be played through as the cute Lego Tom Cruise (actual height) including the famous vault heist where he hangs on a rope and hacks a computer. Plus, there are tons of optional missions to master.

Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack Review

Back to the Future Level Pack

Join Marty McFly as he travels through time in his plastic DeLorean Time Machine. TT Games went the extra mile for this one and got the cast from the original movies to re-record their dialogue. Fun fact: this pack was released slightly before the famous date that Marty travels forward in time to: October 21, 2015.

Lego Dimensions: Back to the Future Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Back to the Future Level Pack screenshot
Doc wishes Marty would get off his hoverboard and help him with his latest project

Midway Arcade Level Pack

If you can't play enough classic arcade games then look no further than this Level Pack as it's an amalgamation of Midway games and it actually allows you to play 23 of them in all their retro glory; no quarters required! Purchasing it also unlocks the world that's surprisingly more impressive than the level.

Lego Dimensions: Midway Arcade Level Pack Review

Doctor Who Level Pack

Being able to play as twelve doctors is a great way to add content to a Level Pack, especially when each one has his own quirky style. The level in this one is quite lengthy and captures multiple scenes from the universe of Doctor Who. Solving puzzles and fending off Autons and Daleks with K-9 is so much fun.

Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot
Peter Capaldi looks like he had some serious plastic surgery

Ghostbusters Story Pack

Another faithful interpretation of a recent movie, the Ghostbusters Story Pack features Abby Yates and the option to change to each of her Ghost-busting buddies. Combined together, you'll unlock a ton of useful abilities with these ladies that can be used throughout the lengthy story. Plus, the Chinese restaurant gate looks pretty cool.

Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters Story Pack Review

The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack

This Story Pack stars the ultimate line-up of cameos from popular franchises in Lego form with many hilarious moments unfolding as you play through the levels. It's a treat to be given two characters as opposed to only one, too. Watching Robin's delightful antics is sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

Lego Dimensions: The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack screenshot
Lego Batman rocks out with his Excalibur out!
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