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Top 10 Mega Man X Mavericks With Ridiculous Names

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Whether it's bad translation or merely localisation staff having fun, there sure are some silly Maverick names. Let's take a trip down memory lane and have a look back at ten of the most laughable Mega Man X bosses.

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Wire Sponge

Some Mavericks cause you to fear them at the very mention of their name. When you hear that you're about to face Flame Mammoth, you expect to battle a massive fiery beast and that's exactly what you'll do. However, when you hear that Wire Sponge is coming, you know what time it is; time to scrub some greasy pots. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Vanishing Gungaroo

Did you say kangaroo? No? What's a Gungaroo? Is that what happens when you combine a gun with a kangaroo? How is that even possible? Oh, wait, where did he go? He must have vanished from embarrassment.

Mega Man X7 screenshot
I'm glad I took this screenshot before he disappeared!

Gravity Antonion

When Sigma was creating his army of Mavericks, he eventually ran out of ideas. Finally, a stroke of genius got him thinking, "What's more dangerous than a giant ant shaped like an onion? I know! A giant ant shaped like an onion that can also affect gravity!"

Metal Shark Player

I can imagine the designer of this one drawing a shark made of metal and thinking that naming it Metal Shark would be too on-the-nose. After staring for a while, he realised, "Wait a second; he also looks like a real ladies' man. I'll call him Metal Shark Player."

Mega Man X6 screenshot
Don't be a Player hater

Rainy Turtloid

After working for days on end, Zero's exhausted from hunting countless Mavericks. He could really use a day to himself, so he calls X and asks him to cover. X replies, "Are you okay, Z?" Zero thinks of the perfect excuse, "Dude, I have a bad case of Rainy Turtloids."

Split Mushroom

Covering for Zero can be quite a difficult job, but what else can you do when your best friend is down in the dumps? To relax after his hard day, X goes to his favourite restaurant and asks what the soup of the day is. Split Mushroom? That sounds delicious.

Mega Man X4 screenshot
Stay away from that laboratory, I hear a mushroom lives there!

Toxic Seahorse

Every once in a while, X feels like having sushi after battling Mavericks. He usually just gets some California rolls with green tea. Sometimes, he considers ordering the Toxic Seahorse, but that sounds like it might give him Rainy Turtloids.

Boomer Kuwanger

After turning on the first Mega Man X, fans were impressed to see bosses with names like Armored Armadillo, Storm Eagle, and Launch Octopus as opposed to the simple names that they were used to such as Fire Man, Air Man, and Metal Man. But, what the heck is a Boomer Kuwanger? He sure stands out like a sore thumb. Was the name Boomeranger too simple? What about Boomerang Beetle? That would at least fit with the other bosses. Apparently a Mega Man X game wouldn't be complete without at least one oddball.

Mega Man X screenshot
By the looks of him, maybe he should've been called Disco Stag

Duff McWhalen

Mega Man X5 was a head-shaking example of awful localisation. Someone thought it would be a great idea to name most of the Mavericks after members of Guns N' Roses. What do Guns N' Roses have to do with Mega Man? I'm certain most fans would've preferred Duff McWhalen's Japanese name Tidal Makkoeen because that sounds awesome! I think Duff McKagan was the only one happy with this decision. Either way you look at it, X still gets a weapon called Goo Shaver from beating him, so it all works out... I guess?

Bamboo Pandamonium

How do you make a Panda sound more threatening? Call it a Pandamonium! But, that's not enough. What do they eat? Bamboo? That settles it; Bamboo Pandamonium! That's not dumb at all, right? Maybe that's why they ended the series with X8.

Mega Man X8 screenshot
Bamboo Pandamonium shrugs while questioning the meaning of his own name

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