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Top 10 Miitopia Moments That Made Me Laugh out Loud

Flowers, fanatics, and farts

Mary Billington

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Nintendo's latest crazy portable adventure sure is a barrel of laughs. In this list, I'll take a look at the ten most ridiculous things that happened to me while playing and reviewing Miitopia so please, enjoy!

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When Fred Flintstone showed his true colours

Way back in the day when I was watching The Flintstones as a kid, I never expected to see Fred wear such a girly costume. Now that I've played Miitopia, I guess it was bound to happen eventually... v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Miitopia screenshot 1
I never realized Mr. Flintstone was so flamboyant

When I cosplayed as The Thing

Every time I saw that there was a "Macho" outfit available for a Mii, I knew it wouldn't look good but this is just disgusting!

Miitopia screenshot 2
Time to hit the clubs!

When my party got a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T

While looking for a character to take on the pop star role, I couldn't help but choose Aretha Franklin. She lived up to the part throughout the adventure as she kept the party dancing every step of the way.

Miitopia screenshot 3
Aretha Franklin went from The Queen of Soul to The Queen of Miitopia

When I got the best present ever

If you want to make an actual woman angry, buy her a bar of soap for a present. However, if you want to make a Mii woman happy then she'll be delighted to accept such a thoughtless bargain bin gift.

Miitopia screenshot 4
I didn't think I smelled that bad...

When I met the Science Guy

Consider the following: when you meet the way cool scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, you'll get to do a nifty home experiment. However, did you know that he'll also show you a clever science trick? Check it out!

Miitopia screenshot 5
He may talk like Bill but he sure doesn't look like him...

When I found out that my neighbour is a peeping Tom

Jealous Miis peer into their friends' rooms so often that you'd think all the inns in Miitopia would have scaffolding just for these weirdos.

Miitopia screenshot 6
No, now leave or I'm calling the cops!

When I didn't know if he was serious or...

Sometimes you meet people and wonder how anyone could ever hang out with them. Well, here's a perfect example of that.

Miitopia screenshot 7
Dude, did I say something that upset you?

When I smelled something amazing

Farts are common in Miitopia with the constant tension between Miis' cheeks but you can't hold it in forever so sometimes, you just have to let 'er rip! Now, where's Fred Flintstone's flower costume to mask the scent?

Miitopia screenshot 8
If someone did toot, why am I putting my nose down to bum level?

When I saw a turkey that would make Nicki Minaj jealous

I like big butts and I cannot lie but ones with feathers on them are another story altogether...

Miitopia screenshot 9
Thanksgiving dinner is going to be juicy this year!

When I finally lost my mind

You can only come across celebrities in weird costumes and other people's constant smelly farts for so long before you finally snap. When I had enough of these shenanigans, I figured I might as well take over the land of Miitopia all for myself. Mwahaha!

Miitopia screenshot 10
Looks like the crazy world of Miitopia finally got to me
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