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Top 10 Obscure PlayStation Puzzle Games

Here are some real noodle-scratchers

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Everyone's familiar with puzzle games such as Tetris, but what about the puzzlers that have come and gone unnoticed? Here is a list of some of the best PlayStation puzzle games that you may not have heard of.

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Marble Master

This one should only be attempted by brainiacs who are looking for a challenge. Marble Master is played with coloured marbles which have numbers on them that correspond to their weight. The player must match three or more horizontally as the marbles balance on scales. With a convoluted interface and complicated rules, it's certainly not for casual gamers. However, hardcore puzzle enthusiasts will get a kick out of this bare-bones number-based marble stacker. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Crossroad Crisis

What do you get when you cross Pipe Dream with a sliding tile puzzle? If you throw a little chick in the mix then the answer is Crossroad Crisis. Players must guide the little fellow via sliding tiles that have paths on them in order to get him to the safe embrace of a lifebuoy.

Crossroad Crisis Review
Crossroad Crisis screenshot
Playing Crossroad Crisis will get you chicks

Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy

You're probably aware of Hello Kitty, but who knew she starred in a fun PlayStation puzzle game? Players must guide her with falling blocks so she can collect all of the items on each stage as she mindlessly paces back and forth. Some of her friends make appearances and may either get in her way or provide a needed boost.

Star Sweep

When you first look at Star Sweep, it's hard not to assume that it's the easiest puzzle game in the world. However, it's this deceptive simplicity that makes the game challenging and a lot of fun. Players control coloured sticks that don't fall from the top of the screen for a change. Instead, you simply select where to place them. When two of the same coloured stars touch, the two sticks that they're attached to disappear. This makes performing impressive combos very rewarding.

Star Sweep Review
Star Sweep screenshot
You know it's a good puzzle game when star-pig-fish-things barf the pieces at you

Tecmo Stackers

Sure, one can argue that Tecmo Stackers is a blatant rip-off of Puyo Pop, but that doesn't mean that it isn't fun. It plays almost exactly like Puyo Pop with the exception that blocks will sometimes sprout arms and reach across the screen with the hopes of touching another block of the same colour. Good luck getting some big combos!

Cleopatra's Fortune

Although Cleopatra's Fortune looks a lot like Namco's Pac-Attack, it's a very different game. Players must entomb jewels and sarcophaguses in blocks in order to make them collapse and score big. Lines of solid blocks will also disappear which makes this game a very fun balance between entrapping treasures and clearing lines.

Cleopatra's Fortune screenshot
Cleopatra only wanted to be pharaoh for the treasure

Tall Infinity

As one of the most unique games on this list, Tall Infinity (also known as Tall Unlimited) is a puzzler where players control a character who rolls blocks on a cylindrical playfield in order to grow a tower. The tower grows when coloured sides of blocks touch the same coloured side of another block. Stages are time consuming, but a lot of fun and a great deal of challenge.

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Money Idol Exchanger

North American gamers never had the opportunity to play Money Idol Exchanger back in the day, but it has since been released as a downloadable PlayStation Network title. The game remains in its Japanese form with no translation, but playing it is so simple that no translating is necessary. The game is played almost exactly like Magical Drop where players grab pieces and shoot them back at the playfield in order to make matches. The goal of this game is to combine less valuable coins into more valuable coins. It's a ton of fun.

ACA NeoGeo: Money Puzzle Exchanger Review
Money Idol Exchanger screenshot
Excuse me, can you spare some change?

One Piece Mansion

Being a landlord in the world of One Piece Mansion is tough. Between making sure neighbours aren't making too much noise for each other and dealing with criminals who break in to people's apartments, it sure is a hard day's work. Players build apartments whose tenants may disrupt or enrich their neighbours' lives and finding the perfect balance to make everyone happy is challenging and quite fun.

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Devil Dice

Knowing that opposite sides of a die add up to seven has never paid off more than during a game of Devil Dice. Players control a little devil who rolls dice around as he runs on top of them. The goal is to match adjacent dice with the same number of dots facing up. You need to match 2 dice with 2 dots, 3 dice with 3 dots, and so on. The game is very challenging and requires a great deal of critical thinking. With its wide variety of awesome modes and super-fun multiplayer, it easily tops this list of obscure PlayStation puzzle games.

Devil Dice screenshot
You'll have a devil of a time with this one
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