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Top 10 Ouya Multiplayer Games (First Two Years)

From ducks to valets to heads of state

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's hard to believe that the Ouya is already two years old. That's right, on this day in 2013; the bite-sized Android-based micro-console became publicly available. I thought it would be an appropriate time to list the ten best multiplayer games for the system. Invite some friends over, find a few extra controllers, and let's get this party started!

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Super Light Cycles

This simplistic four player game draws inspiration from Tron and the early '80s Intellivision classic Snafu. Controlling nothing but a growing line while trying not to slam into any walls can get rather exciting. Just make sure not to get cornered or else you'll find yourself making an ever-shrinking spiral that only results in your inevitable demise. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Reagan Gorbachev

Wait, is this for real? It is indeed. In fact, Reagan Gorbachev plays like a two player cooperative Hotline Miami where you and a friend control the titular presidents. For more on this ridiculous overhead stealth/action hybrid, read my review!

Reagan Gorbachev Review
Reagan Gorbachev screenshot
There's no match for Reagan's powerful katana combined with Gorbachev's sneaky blowgun


If puzzlers are more your thing then these tug-of-war battles will be right up your alley. Basically, you and a pal play your own game of Tetris from either side of the screen. One player's landed pieces become the other player's gaps to fill in while completed lines push the playfield away from your side of the screen. To make this ingenious concept even more enticing; it's completely free!

Ice Rage

When it comes to arcade hockey, you can't get more basic than Ice Rage. You and a buddy control hockey players who can shove each other to steal the puck. Once you have that sought-after puck, you can charge your player to smack it as hard as you can while aiming past the goalie and hopefully score a point. With plenty of wacky characters to choose from, this is a must-play for any Ouya owner.

Ice Rage screenshot
As if hockey wasn't violent enough already...


Very few twin stick shooters feature four player cooperative combat. So, gather your chums, grab your favourite weapon, and work your way through the randomly generated levels by strategically shooting and slashing countless hordes of robots. Did I mention you can play online as well? Talk about bang for your buck.

No Brakes Valet

I can't think of any game that plays as mindlessly as No Brakes Valet. One at a time, cars automatically shoot out from their designated areas then you try to steer and park them as best you can. If you manage to gather three friends to join you then be prepared for the cars to pile up fast! Whoever earns the most money in tips wins, so be careful and make sure not to crash the prime minister's vehicle.

No Brakes Valet screenshot
The chaotic aftermath of a four player match

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall was an early reason to buy an Ouya and it has achieved great success since; it was even ported to PlayStation 4. Each of up to four players chooses their bow-wielding character and tries to take out their competition with a limited number of retrievable arrows and plenty of power-ups. Its simple formula works to create tense battles where only one can claim victory. Will you be next?

TowerFall Ascension Review

Toto Temple Deluxe

If you like TowerFall then you'll love these fast-paced colourful arena battles. You and three friends play as different coloured totems who have the ability to dash in mid-air around the diverse array of levels. The goal is to keep a goat on your head as long as possible until your meter is full then you win. Watch out because if an opponent dashes into you, the goat is his! Oh, precious goat, come back to me.

Toto Temple Deluxe Review
Toto Temple Deluxe screenshot
You have to keep the goat on your head if you want to win... right?

Hidden In Plain Sight

I haven't played any multiplayer game with as much well-executed tension as Hidden In Plain Sight. What makes each match thrilling is the fact that you don't know who you are since the screen is full of identical looking figures. When a match starts, your first job is to spot who you are. Once you find yourself, there are two ways to win. You can either touch all five pillars or snuff out all of your opponents. Of course, you have to be able to discern your opponents from the crowd so being observant while watching everyone's movement patterns becomes a crucial part of success. I can't say enough about this perfectly crafted multiplayer experience.

Duck Game

Sometimes the best game isn't anything particularly innovative. Such is the case with Duck Game. On the surface, it appears to be your average 2D multiplayer combat game, but at its core every single aspect is done perfectly. Each battle of duck-on-duck violence is as exciting as the next with tons of weapons, stages, and hats to choose from. Nothing starts a party like a tournament or two of Duck Game! Check out my full review for more on this incredibly entertaining duck-filled title.

Duck Game Review
Duck Game screenshot
Whatever you do, don't trust a duck with a shotgun
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Gameplay video playlist for Top 10 Ouya Multiplayer Games (First Two Years)
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